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Havana Club 7-Year rum

Havana Club 7-Year

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Cuba | Aged | 40% ABV

Havana Club 7-Year Rum is distilled from fermented molasses and aged in charred white oak barrels for seven years.

Havana Club rum is still made in Cuba - where the company was founded by José Arechabala in 1878 and then nationalized in 1959 after the Cuban Revolution. Havana Club is now jointly owned by Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government.

1073 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great

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1073 Havana Club 7-Year Ratings

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Mskyman 🇩🇪 | 4 ratings
Posted over 6 years ago

Der Rum ist ok und ich nutze ihn meist für Mischgetränke

Jonathan 🇨🇦 | 4 ratings
Posted 7 years ago

When I went to Cuba 4 years ago, I was only starting to enjoy rum. Since then I've tasted quite a few rums, but this is the one I return to the most. Great nose, great color, reasonable burn (which is something I like), practically no added sugar and decent price here (33$) in QC, Canada, it's a win-win-win situation. I always drink it neat, and I love the linging taste it leaves behind, even after a few minutes. Rating this rum less than 6 is a shame, or it comes from sugar lovers :)

Trini Yank 🇹🇹 | 41 ratings
Posted over 11 years ago

Not a bad rum if you can get around the big leathery tobacco-like note at the beginning. I personally don't like it, but if you sip your rum while smoking cigars, you'll love it. I do think this rum actually suffers from some overrating (and price inflation) as its political/historical context make it the Che Guevara t-shirt of the rum drinking world. If you sip it on its own merits, its not bad but not great either.

Oliver 🇪🇸 | 61 ratings
Posted over 8 years ago

HC 7 is not superb and not really bad. It is for me the most drunk rum, known by almost everyone. It's not sweet, has typical cuban notes wood, leather, a bit smokey. It tastes strong although it's not only the alcohol in it, its the flavour itself. As it is easy to buy worldwide (except USA I think) and not too expensive (last bottle I bought cost me 17 Euro) it is absolutely ok for the price. But if you like HC7 I suggest to try other cuban rums that lead a bit into similar directions and are far better for the same or lower price as Caney Centuria or Legendario Añejo (not the sweet Elixir one, that's something different).
I consider it a rum to mix with coke or for coctails, I'd not be able to drink this one straight.

Doug 🇨🇦 | 1 rating
Posted over 6 years ago

This is a favoured rum, I enjoy it a lot, one of my regular ones. I have it with a little water, sometimes with ice. There is nothing negative to say about it.

rumfan69 🇬🇧 | 6 ratings
Posted over 8 years ago

This rum makes an "I'm Cuban" statement clearly crafted to be enjoyed alongside a cigar with its complementary tobacco undertones. It's lovely on the nose giving lots of sweet molasses and noticeable vanilla. The palate arrives sweet and spicy developing hot sweet chilli pepper, tobacco wood and light vanilla. It finishes with light syrupy spiced tobacco and a shows a mild short lived helping of base rum sourness that hasn't been completely aged out in the 7 years in oak. This doesn't mar the aftertaste and it goes down well glass after glass. If you like Bourbon this will suit you. It may not suit everyone though. You can grab a bottle for about 20 quid and it definitely holds its own against bottles twice that price. Bit too much E150 but they stick that in every rum - you just cant avoid it. Added sugar is only 5gpl. A very pleasant surprise this Easter and given it's price I'm almost going 8/10. Cheers!

Matthew Rinaldi 🇺🇸 | 3 ratings
Posted almost 7 years ago

This rum is simply wonderful. It is not completely smooth, but leaves a lingering taste of oak and molasses that makes drinking it memorable. There are better rums, like Tributo 2016, but I have found no better rum in this price range. If you are in Cuba, don't settle for anything less.

Jonny Olsson 🇸🇪 | 162 ratings
Posted over 8 years ago

Not greate as sipper! but ok for Coke drink and other drinks.

Tito 🇸🇮 | 2 ratings
Posted over 4 years ago

After reading many good reviews I had to try this rum. It is nice on the nose. That's the only positive for me. Some see this as a smooth rum. This is not smooth at all. It burns and it is bad for stomach, mine started to protest right away. Thai Sangsom can give it a lesson in smoothness for 10 euros and it is also much much easier on your stomach. This Havana rum has some strange woody aroma which is disgusting to me. And it never goes away. I don't think this is a good mixer. This woody aroma is so strong, you have to like it to be happy with any drink made of this rum. I strongly recommend trying before buying. This was my first and also my last bottle.

Heliumiami 🇺🇸 | 4 ratings
Posted over 6 years ago

Ok, first I will apologize for the use of that much-scorned descriptor: "Smooth". However, I was duly impressed at how effortlessly this just slid in as I drank it. Now, that shouldn't be surprising since it is only 80 proof, nevertheless, this really stood out, and likely because lower proof spirits often come across as watery and thin. Not this rum! I'm not yet adept at going into particulars in terms of specific tasting notes, but I will say that this is quite a delicious, light rum, though it's flavour is somewhat understated. It didn't knock my socks off with bold flavours, but it was something that I could just keep sipping and sipping - truly dangerous.

Just for added info: I'm primarily a whisk(e)y drinker, though I have begun to branch out to tequila, rum, cachaca, and gin. The rums I have tried and enjoyed so far are Mount Gay XO and Rhum Vieux Labbé 3 stars, as well as Soul Cachaca.

Andy Tee 🇲🇾 | 148 ratings
Posted almost 7 years ago

N- Aroma of brandy, raisin, buttery with layer of lifted peppery heat. Gets charming with fruit notes of honeydew melon, pineapple and honey. No faulty notes here. (20/25)

P- Sweet toffee banana, juicy tropical fruits, direct and tasty, balance with fine oak fragrant. Light-medium body. (19/25)

F- Short, pleasantly sweet oak-y caramel, honey and marmalade, some orange and lemon peels. (18/25)

Balanced:- Pleasant sips, best with ice, light but tasty with well aged citrus fruits expression. Just a bit short on the exit. (18/25)

Weighted Rate:- 75pt

— at The Rum Bar KL.

Brand Details

Type: Aged
Company: Havana Club
Country: Cuba
ABV: 40%
Years Aged: 7
Raw Material: Unknown
Process: Unknown
Distillation: Unknown
Women Led: No

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