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Habitation Velier 2013 Foursquare 2-Year rum

Habitation Velier 2013 Foursquare 2-Year

Multiple | Aged | 64% ABV | Pot Still

33 ratings
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33 Habitation Velier 2013 Foursquare 2-Year Ratings

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Dino 🇩🇪 | 43 ratings
Posted 7 years ago

What a rum. Full of aroma, barrel proof 64%. The first sip makes you feel like you fell into the cask, being surrounded by more than a nosefull of dry fruits and roasted nuts. I also taste butter and caramel and a bit of oak in the aftertaste, but all well balanced. Of course it's strong, but still very mild. I used it in a Mai Tai with only high quality ingredients like Clement Orange shrubb and a Montebello 6 years, it was 'out of this world'!

Little 🇧🇪 | 17 ratings
Posted over 7 years ago

Even if this one is 64* this is not the most agressive one that I drank. It keeps the taste firm but not too much. Only slightly negative point is the fact that its aftertaste is not that long.

vincent 🇫🇷 | 127 ratings
Posted over 7 years ago

Le foursquare 2013 est le résultat d’une alliance entre Luca Gargano et Richard Seale. C’est un vrai « pure single rhum » avec une distillation en « pot still » puis un affinage de 2 ans dans des anciens fûts de cognac, tout ça dans la distillerie foursquare à la Barbade. A la sortie le rhum est embouteillé « brut de fut », c’est à dire sans distillation ni ajout de quoi que ce soit. Au nez je sens une odeur de cave en terre humide avec déjà le cognac qui montre sa présence. En bouche ce rhum est plutôt doux avec une puissance qui montre progressivement mais qui reste très agréable malgré ses 64°. Ce n’est pas un allume feu comme le sont beaucoup de rhum 2 ans d’âge. La langue est réchauffée mais reste grasse et huileuse, tout comme j’aime bien ;-) Le final est sur des notes de chocolat, tabac, amande. J’aurais juste aimé plus de longueur.
The 2013 foursquare is the result of an alliance between Luca Gargano and Richard Seale. It is a real "pure single rum" with a distillation in "pot still" and then a aging of 2 years in ex-cognac’s barrels, all that in the foursquare’s distillery in Barbados. This rum is bottled "brut de fut", that means straight from the cask, unchillfiltered, without any addition of anything. On the nose I smell wet soil cellar with already the cognac that shows its presence. In the mouth this rum is rather sweet with a power that shows gradually but remains very pleasant despite its 64 °. This is not “gasoline like” as are many 2 years old rums. The tongue is heated but remains greasy and oily, just what I like ;-) The final is on flavours of chocolate, tobacco, almond. I would have liked a longer aftertaste.

Brand Details

Type: Aged
Company: Habitation Velier
Country: Multiple
ABV: 64%
Name: 2013 Foursquare 2-Year
Years Aged: 2
Yr Distilled: 2013
Raw Material: Molasses
Process: Unknown
Distillation: Pot Still
Women Led: No

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