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Hampden Estate Gold rum

Hampden Estate Gold

Jamaica | Aged

23 ratings
Easily consumable in a bind


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23 Hampden Estate Gold ratings

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Posted 1 year ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 286 ratings

Well, this is my last Hampden. I have given this distillery a fair try. While I appreciate that it is not sweet and is distilled with care, the flavor is terrible. Very harsh and unbalanced. Not a sipper. Just a glass of unsavory contrived funk. Tried to mix it and that spoiled banana rot carries through. No complexity, no smoothness and no balance. Too much bite and rotten bananas. And this is NOT cheap. Never again Hampden.


Posted 4 years ago by TomasM from Czech Republic with 71 ratings

Jamaican traditional style rum with a lot of esters. But if you let it breathe for a while... It's really smooth with a nice aftertaste. Great base for homemade pinnapple rum.


Posted 8 months ago by IBO from Slovakia with 194 ratings

Tento rum je pre mňa príjemným prekvapením. Nečakal som nič a dostal som peknú vôňu, chuť a skvelý pocit. Rum za 15eur,kde rozoznáte Hampden, ovocie,len v lahkej forme. Príjemný na spoznávanie Jamajky

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Posted 9 months ago by Montana from Germany with 74 ratings

A light sweet and oily smell, some Esther. The taste is at first light sweet, then it gets sharper, quite nice. The finish is rather short.


Posted 9 months ago by rumtrinker from Germany with 30 ratings

This is not a smooth rum. I like it for that reason.

Nose is medium funky, some mulled wine spices, a little bit of vanilla, some over-ripe fruit, a little bit of alcohol.

Taste is quite sharp at first, but still sippable. Clean funk (the non-muddy variety), spices, quite a lot of vanilla, some sweetness. Finish is dry and funky. Not overly complex, but not boring.

I really like this stuff as a mild, funky sipper. It is OK on ice, but I prefer it neat without ice. A few drops of water increase the taste.


Posted 9 months ago by Simon_W from Switzerland with 35 ratings

It's a Jamaican rum of the typical funky Wedderburn style. It's only very lightly aged, if at all, but nonetheless very aromatic. But as you can imagine, the colour must be artificial. Hampden argued that consumers expect a certain golden colour for this type of aromatic rum, so it's meant to be a sign meaning "I'm aromatic!". Of course that is unnecessary for the true connoisseur. What I somewhat disliked about this rum, that is, why I didn't really find it that wonderful, was a dry, almost Scotch whisky-like nuance.


Posted 12 months ago by CJ1999 from United Kingdom with 95 ratings

I don’t thinks it much hype. It’s a nice smooth vanilla rum. Nothing unique about it but I’d quite happily sip for the evening


Posted 1 year ago by Kieron wood from United Kingdom with 531 ratings

5his was released when Hampden was trying to rebuild the distillery image alongside the rum fire a rum on its own its delicious young funk rum but is a poor representative of this distillery.

Notes of oak , chocolate and funk

Probably the only Hampden rum u wouldn't buy again.


Posted over 1 year ago by Seko from Czech Republic with 147 ratings

If you are big fan of Jamaican pot still - you can try to sip this, the middle of the taste profile is smooth enough, but the nose is maybe too overpowering and the aftertaste is too strong as the alcohol is young. This is primarily a decent Jamaican mixer, full of esters, nose of ripe bananas and apples, taste matches nose with pretty straightforward and uncomplicated fruity tones, mainly bananas, with a short and biting finish. The bananas nicely stick out in rum and coke. For the price I originally bough it - which was on par with HC3, I would give 7+, but for some reason i cannot get it now cheaper than Chairmans Reserve (finest), so there goes 6.


Posted over 1 year ago by Harrie from Netherlands with 91 ratings

First impressions; a case of rotting oranges stored in between a burning tyre-factory and a leaking petrochemical plant. After 10 minutes that is all cooled down to a light and very fruity scent with oranges and pineapple, apples and a hint of banana. Hardly any vanilla or oak (well, it is young) but with some molasses.

On the palate prune becomes dominant, it really tastes a lot like one of my favourite Slivovices. It all goes down very pleasantly, almost sweet (which it is not actually) with an unexpected smoothness after all the initial scents. More funky than Appleton Estate's signature blend but at the same time much more easy going. Halfway between a shot and a sipper with addictive qualities, though I guess this is a bit of a love or hate rum.

Should have gotten a 7,5 and as I think an 8 is a tad too much, I will give it a 7.