Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year rum

Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year

Jamaica | Aged

Appleton Estate 30 Year Limited Edition is produced in the Nassau Valley in Jamaica and aged in oak casks for 30 years. Appleton Estate announced in 2008 that it was releasing its first-ever limited edition product in the form of 1,440 hand-numbered bottles of Appleton Estate 30 Year Old Limited Edition Rum.

27 ratings
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27 Appleton Estate Limited Edition 30-Year ratings

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Posted 1 year ago by MichielV 🇳🇱 | 30 ratings

This is the second rum I’ve had from the El Dorado brand, after the 12 year old edition. El Dorado 15 is a blend from several rums, that matured for at least 15 years in oak barrels. It has a warm mahogany color. In the nose it’s amazing, a well balanced mix between the richness of coffee, the sweetness of figs and oranges and the complexity of a slight hint of cinnamon. In the taste there’s this richness again, dark sugar, caramel, a little bit oaky which is surrounded by some dark butter. The aftertaste is the best I have ever had. It is long, complex and amazing. You taste molasses, orange and vanilla. Conclusion: The El Dorado 12 is a very good rum, but the 15 edition is definitely superior. It was the best rum I’ve had so far, so this one deserves a 10.

Posted 1 year ago by Eric O 🇨🇦 | 20 ratings

You can't go wrong with any of the El Dorado rums but this one is awesome.

Posted over 1 year ago by ZTrain1177 🇨🇦 | 72 ratings

This is an outstanding rum. It's subtly sweet with hints of vanilla and caramel. Enjoyable on it's own or with your favorite mix. Highly recommended!

Posted over 1 year ago by Flurk 🇧🇪 | 14 ratings

El Dorado 12 years is a popular rum. Probably a lot buying it when starting discover rum, yes like me.. el dorado 12 is a good rum for its money so I decided to pick up the 15 year old. It’s a disappointment. Maybe less sugar and more alcohol. But the taste didn’t improve. The smell is really good. You smell a lot of oak and vanilla. But if u taste a strong alcohol taste. Then it’s become really odd. ( like is that rum?!) then the oak and vanilla comes slowly but it ends with sugar, to much sugar for me with some oak.
I gave the 12 a 7/10. The 15 year old I give 6/10 because it is less rum for more money.. (27€ for the 12 and 37€ for the 15)
and i took the plantation 2005 barbados next to it with the same alcohol in it and the same price of the 15 year old dorado. And the plantation is more soft. So more alcohol doesn’t mean more alcohol taste..

Posted over 1 year ago by Bramski 🇳🇱 | 15 ratings

I had a shitty day today, but the first sip of my beloved El Dorado 15 years turned it all around. For me, the best rum you can get for such a modest price (€38 in Holland).
It starts with a great sweet smell that brings you to a tropical place of relaxation. Then it gets even better with the taste: sweet but round, a little burn but nothing too overwhelming. Well balanced. The only con that I can think of is the lack of a long aftertaste. Which results in taking a sip again quite swiftly. Which starts the whole great experience over again.
I tend to try out as many good rums as possible and this is one of the spare ones that I keep coming back to. Cant go wrong with this one, cheers!

Posted almost 5 years ago by Kyle 🇺🇸 | 18 ratings

This rum when you get a good bottle is fantastic. It honestly deserves a 9. However, I've purchased 4 to 5 bottles of it and you can tell a difference in taste from bottle to bottle. This is obvious with it being aged 15 years that there will be some differences, but some of the bottles almost have a chemical taste to them. Not sure what does this, if it is in their aging process or what. If you take the gamble and get a good bottle you will no doubt enjoy it. One of the finest rums at it's price point.

Posted over 5 years ago by Rene Rum (PREMIUM) 🇨🇭 | 494 ratings

Nicht ganz der Weltbeste, aber nah dran.
Herrlich samtig weicher Körper, nicht so süss wie der 12 Y.
Alle Rumaromen schön ausgewogen, ein wahrer Genuss
zu jeder Zeit an jedem Ort.
Jede weitere Beschreibung überflüssig, trinken !

Not quite the world's best, but close.
Wonderful velvety soft body, not as sweet as the 12 Y.
All rum flavors nicely balanced, a real treat
at any time in any place.
Any further description unnecessary, drink it !

Posted over 5 years ago by Marcel 🇳🇱 | 5 ratings

Opened the bottle today and I am very impressed. Just the nose is already great. No alcoholic smell at all. When tasting, it starts with the sweetness of rum without the feeling that sugars have been added. This followed by a hint of oak and cognac - finished by the good warm feeling delivered by the alcohol. Love it!

Posted over 5 years ago by Wayne Upton 🇺🇸 | 136 ratings

This probably the best rum available in the $40-$50 class. A go-to favorite for sipping.

Posted 6 years ago by Russ 🇺🇸 | 85 ratings

This is a way over priced rum, whiskey, rum, whiskey...let's just call it a rum that wants to be a whiskey but also has sugar added to try to make it taste more like rum than whiskey.

This is a busy little spirit with a variety of heavy fruit flavors which leads me to my next point: It goes well with a frozen drink or with Coke but its not a sipper. And, $50 a bottle for a mixer is just pain silly!

Yes, I'm biased in my review. I just don't think El Dorado makes a real premium rum and the added sugar to an agricole is shameful. Still, this is a good mixer that would be more appropriately priced in the low $30 range (NY prices).

Brand Details

Name: Limited Edition 30-Year
Company: Appleton Estate
Type: Aged
Distillation: Unknown
Aged: 30
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