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Appleton Estate 21-Year rum

Appleton Estate 21-Year

Jamaica | Aged

Distilled using small-batch copper pot stills uniquely designed for Appleton Estate, this rum is a blend of several rums aged 21 years in American oak barrels. Once blended, the rum is re-casked for two years to marry the flavors.

Appleton Estate 21-year rum is produced in Jamaica on one of the country’s oldest and most renowned sugar estates. Each bottle is individually numbered and comes with a signed aging certificate by master blender Joy Spence.

286 ratings
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286 Appleton Estate 21-Year ratings

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Posted 9 months ago by filipec from Czech Republic with 177 ratings

taste - 7.5/10
smell - 8.5/10
sweetness - 7/10
price/value rating - 4/10


Posted almost 6 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 304 ratings

Although a drier rum than I am accustomed to, the Appleton Estate 21-Year rum has a sweetness to it that becomes most apparent, albeit subtly, when the burn fades. That long finish has flavors that make you want to take another sip...then another...then another...

Before you know it, the rum in your glass is gone...

So you get another...

And if you share this with friends and family, it is virtually guaranteed you will be shelling out another $120 for a replacement bottle. And your friends will want to know when you bought it so they can come back to "help" you enjoy it.

What a bunch of great friends, eh?

I admit that I am drawn more to the sweeter rums but there is something about this particular rum that just makes my taste buds smile and do a little jig. Makes my tongue feel weird but jig buds, jig. They dig it!

Now I could go and try to figure out what all those nuance flavors are but my palate just ain't that edjimacated so I won't even try. I know there are a plethora of flavors that master blender Joy Spence has captured so I will just enjoy them as balanced as they are.

One minor suggestion for the fine folks at Appleton Estates...the bottle is beautiful and the wood stopper and natural cork are a must but it would be so cool if the logo on the top of the stopper would have been laser etched rather than inked on. This about it?


Posted over 5 years ago by Russ from United States with 85 ratings

It's worth every penny! You'll hear whiskey drinkers boasting about the $200 they spent on a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. Well, if you're a rum drinker...this is your Johnnie Blue! If you have the means, this is a must try. What does it taste like? It tastes like the Caribbean. The only bad news is that 8 year old rums will taste generic for a while and even some Anjeos will lose their appeal after drinking this rum.

If you gave this rum a rating of 8 or lower you either have horrible taste buds or a sinus infection! This rum is about one of ten in the world that set the bar.


Posted almost 4 years ago by Michal Micko from Czech Republic with 479 ratings

Beautiful aroma, warm and smooth taste. Many layers and long aftertaste. Not sweet not dry - perfectly ballanced. This is rum for special evenings.


Posted 6 years ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 252 ratings

First of, the presentation of this rum (the new bottle) is great, and I must say that I really appreciate a no nonsens brand like Appleton, that treat their rums with respect and no added sugar. This 21 yr. has a nice brown darkish colour and a wonderfull nose that greets you with saplike brown sugar, oak, green apples, sweet tobaco and dark chocolate. The palate is full, smoothe and well rounded with lovely balanced notes of pepper, oak and very dark, rich chocolate. The finish is a mouth watering, slightly dry, but discretely sweet sensation, that lingers pleasantly for a long time. I enjoy it very much. Even though the competion is stiff at this pricepoint, this one keeps growing on me.


Posted 9 years ago by Bruce from Canada with 5 ratings

Only used in my house for toasting away or home, members /friends who protect our freedom


Posted 11 months ago by Tim from Canada with 71 ratings

A big whack of oak with a definite chocolate (?) funky banana-lite, smooth blast. This recently was released in Canada and I’m not disappointed. Pricey, but worth it. For serious sippers only.


Posted 1 year ago by GH from United States with 36 ratings

Purchased duty free in GC years ago...been waiting for that “special occasion” to open. Well, it IS Tuesday night! This specific bottle was sealed in 2013, bottle # AB01492. Packaging is terrific, bottle history included in package, wax seal, nicely done. Across the nose, rich almond, honey notes. Slight burn across the tongue, more almond, vanilla notes. Across the palate, slight toffee, rich butterscotch. Excellent!


Posted over 5 years ago by laurent from France with 55 ratings

(This is for the"old" bottle, with blue metallic cap like on the picture. Not sure the new bottles contain the same liquid...) As I liked the 12 year I tried a sample of the 21 years. Nose : typical Jamaican rhum. Taste : as expected it is oaky... Too much in my opinion, it tends to dominate the other aromas. I did not found it as balanced as the 12y. A good aged rhum but for one third of the price I still prefer the 12y. I am a bit suspicious about this rum : very verrrry smooth, almost artificial and absolutely odd for a 21y spirit .Sugar tests seem to be OK, what the hell they have added in it ?! There are so much true gems and genuine rums, less ""premiumized"" for the same price.

(Je parle de l'ancienne bouteille avec le bouchon métallique bleu. Je ne crois pas qu'il y ait exactement le même liquide dans les nouvelles bouteilles) Nez : typique de la Jamaïque. Par contre en bouche j'ai du mal à sentir autre chose que le côté boisé.... c'est un peu normal après 21 ans mais je trouve que ça écrase un peu tout le reste. Pour moi il n'est pas aussi équilibré que le 12 ans et pour un tiers du prix je crois que je préfère le 12 ans. D'autre part ce rhum est d'une rondeur exagérée et inimaginable pour un rhum de 21 ans... ce côté quasi artificiel me dérange. Apparemment il n'a pas été sucré, mais alors qu'est-ce qu'ils ont ajouté là-dedans ?! Pour le même prix on trouve de vraies perles, souvent plus authentiques et moins "premiumisées"


Posted 11 months ago by Edwwa from Lithuania with 39 ratings

Grab it for 70euro. And... worth it. If someone can grab it for good price and you will not regret

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Posted 11 months ago by Pirate from Greece with 30 ratings

My immediate wishlist targets was this, and Flor de Cana 25! And since Appleton is rebranding, getting this one first, was actually a no-brainer! The bottle says: 2013. The price was 87 euros, but strange thing is, other vendors in my area, all sell it for 136 euros. Nice bottle design, as a plus. The smell is extremely pleasant, bringing tones of wood and smoke, but a bit of a sweet aroma and not too harsh. Velvety texture, extremely smooth. The taste is fruity. The burn medium and pleasing, warms your throat. The aftertaste feels like wood and fruit, with a natural sweetness that feels way superior to those El Dorados, Zacapas, Plantations and Diplomaticos. Drinking this staff feels like bliss! I couldn't find it in my heart to rate it anything other than a perfect 10. Besides, i appreciate their practices, transparency, faithfulness to tradition and Jamaican law! This one and my St. Lucia 1931 are me real treasures! Bought them both at the exact same price, too! Next stop, Cana 25.