HSE 2003-2006 rum

HSE 2003-2006

Martinique | Agricole | 45.0% ABV | Column Still (1-4) Distilled

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1 HSE 2003-2006 ratings

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Dr. Brittlebone 🇸🇪 | 17 ratings
Posted over 7 years ago

Saint-Etienne Vieux Agricole 2003-2006 45% (Martinique)

Eye: Beer (oh, well, light amber then)

Nose: Oh joy! Finally a rum that dare to be more than “just rum” and carry resemblance of lowland whisky and cognac! I've been waiting for this. And it comes with the sweetness of a whisky liqueur which is really becoming with the flowery and fruity character of this fine scented nectar. Honey soaked orange, dried apricot, vanilla, some pineapple syrup, very well balanced with hints of cedar wood and old cellar apples as top notes. There are also whiffs of faint caramel and praline followed by a beautiful notion of young Lilac. It's packed with delicate notes but I'll brace myself by adding honeydew melon to this wonderful sweet mix of fruit and flowers.

Mouth: Apparently it wasn't enough to smell like a whisky, it had to taste like one as well, right? Yes, it does taste a bit like a young Glenmorangie but fuller and more sweet. It's not a bad but has some adolescent features to overcome. It´s too rough and the high ABV is not a good choice for this refined summer garden aperitif. It mellows a bit in the glass but not nearly enough to find it's gravity point. And it is young. Pour it back in the barrel and let it rest there for a couple of years and I am sure it will all be fine. It is balanced but has this rugged ethanol bullet at the end that I don't care for. Oranges and honeydew melon still with a perfect sweetness (the rum is quite dry) and the flora is in place.

Reaction: I loved the smell and I do believe that could be the case of the palate as well. It's just a tad too young right now. It settles after 30 minutes and I must say it has a lot of charm and character although it keeps in mid lane. I want more and will have a look at older siblings a.s.a.p. As an old whisky appreciator I have to admit that this really is my cup of.. well, rum


Price: ca 500 SEK
Tasted: 2016, in a Riedel Sommelier Cognac XO glass at room temperature.

Brand Details

Name: 2003-2006
Company: HSE
Type: Agricole
Distillation: Column Still (1-4)
ABV: 45.0%