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Compagnie des Indes 2003 Barbados Foursquare 12-Year rum

Compagnie des Indes 2003 Barbados Foursquare 12-Year

Multiple | Aged | 45% ABV

7 ratings
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7 Compagnie des Indes 2003 Barbados Foursquare 12-Year Ratings

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mistercoughy 🇺🇸 | 239 ratings
Posted over 8 years ago

This is a 12yo Bajan rum from Foursquare, aged in the tropics in a Buffalo Trace bourbon barrel and bottled at 90 proof. It pours into the glass as dark gold, and it smells wonderful. Wood, fruit, spice - all promising scents which give a hint of the joy that's about to follow. The flavors positively BURST through. Light chocolate, molasses, creamed corn, vanilla, dried fruit, nuts...oh boy, what a treat. A perfect rum to savor and enjoy.

RedBlaze6 🇺🇸 | 26 ratings
Posted 8 years ago

That is why I scored this delight from MasterofMalt.com after hearing some good things about the brand from you fine folks. After popping this beast, you find a sharp fresh fruit aroma with a bit of astringency. Almost an apple fragrance. The alcohol fades after sitting in the glass for a few minute and opens up to a light and creamy vanilla scent. First taste showcases the oak flavor followed by a bang of 45% ABV heat in the back of the throat. After the burn, that's when the good times roll. The back end reveals a mix of caramel, chocolate and bananas (I'm starting to sound like you rum perverts). The flavor lasts quite a while with some heat staying in the chest. This rum seemed to get better after each sip. I prefer a bit of heat in the glass so this hit the spot, especially with that lasting flavor. It's delicious like two hot chickens. Do it!

Tomy 🇷🇴 | 439 ratings
Posted almost 8 years ago

It's diffrent, to much molases in palatin. It's too alcooholic, harshing me.

Pavelitti 🇨🇭 | 42 ratings
Posted over 7 years ago

Buon rum, manca qualcosa nel finale per renderlo eccezionale.

YMHC 🇳🇱 | 162 ratings
Posted over 7 years ago

Deze single cask rum gedistilleerd door Foursquare heeft 12 jaar gerijpt op ex bourbon vaten en gebotteld op 45%abv. Kleine smaakexplosie van molasse, peper en hout. Smaakvolle rum.

Adrian Adame 🇨🇿 | 699 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

barva nažloutlá
- vůně jemná, ovocná, karamelky, vzdáleně koření
- chuť jemně nasládlá, 46% příjemných, ovoce, typické Foursquare tóny proběhnou jen zlehka v půlce chutí
Velmi příjemný

Michal Micko (PREMIUM) 🇨🇿 | 644 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Aroma and taste is typical Foursquare - fruits, coconut, peach, smootnes. But this 12y is not as good and complex as 16y 1998 version or even FQ 2008.

Brand Details

Type: Aged
Company: Compagnie des Indes
Country: Multiple
ABV: 45%
Name: 2003 Barbados Foursquare 12-Year
Years Aged: 12
Yr Distilled: 2003
Raw Material: Molasses
Process: Unknown
Distillation: Unknown
Women Led: No