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Clement Canne Bleue rum

Clement Canne Bleue

Martinique | Agricole | 50% ABV | Column Still (1-4)

69 ratings
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69 Clement Canne Bleue Ratings

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TomasM 🇨🇿 | 78 ratings
Posted over 6 years ago

Wonderful rhum with a lot of grassy and floral cane notes in nose and taste.

Corneliusl 🇳🇴 | 89 ratings
Posted 2 years ago

Nice dry taste, alot of alcohol, and wonderful grassy notes. One of my favourites from a rum festival I just attended.

Mujuru 🇺🇸 | 152 ratings
Posted 10 months ago

This is an unaged Rhum Agricole made from fresh pressed sugar cane juice. It comes exclusively from a single sugar cane varietal on Martinique. It is then fermented and distilled on a column still and bottled unaged at 50% ABV. So how does this one taste?

Taking it in from the Glencairn I immediately get Green Olive Brine that jumps out of the glass. That is followed by the smell of freshly cut sugar cane stalk and freshly mowed grass early in the morning. Digging deeper I smell a salty ocean breeze and then the smell of stepping into a hay barn just after the bales have been stacked. The conglomeration of smells is enticing. It is intense but wonderfully balanced.

Taking a sip I get something rather unexpected in relation to the nose: Unripe Green Apple, especially the skins. It is intense and interestingly pleasant. Simultaneously I get confectioners powdered sugar. The sweet sensation (for this rum contains no additives) balances out the slight bitterness of the Green Apple Skins note. In the background I get more Green Olives and the taste of fresh cut Alfalfa stalks (I grew up on a farm and used to occasionally pick and chew on a fresh alfalfa stalk)

The finish returns to its roots. It’s more green olives and freshly mowed green grass. Simple but thematic. Long afterwards I get the slight essence of chlorine not unlike that that I occasionally find in Worthy Park rums. Interesting, I wonder does that.

So I really like this one. It is indeed like a more intense higher proof version of Clement Premiere Canne…and it works beautifully in a Ti Punch. This will do. This will indeed do.

This one has all the grassiness and green olive that I like in my favorite unaged Agricoles and then adds a playful delightful unripe Green Apple note that works wonderfully in a Ti Punch. It’s not quite as complex or expressive as Neisson Blanc but it reminds me a great deal of Clairin Sajous 2018, indeed I think it is even a little better than that to my tastes.

I am coming to appreciate Clement rhums and am beginning to think that maybe they just consistently do something that I like. This is a keeper for me and will likely become a staple for my Ti Punches alongside Neisson Blanc.

Short Description: Seaside Martini Bar meets an Appalachian Hay Farm. Unexpected harmony ensues.

ABV 50%

Country of Origin: Martinique

Nose: Olive Brine, Fresh Sugar Cane stalk, Freshly Mowed Grass, Ocean Breeze, Hay Barn

Palate: Unripe Green Apple, Green Apple Skins, Confectioners Sugar, Green Olive, Alfalfa Stalks

Finish: Green Olives, Fresh Green Grass, (long after) Chlorine

Gran Matteo 🇺🇸 | 18 ratings
Posted 7 months ago

Delightfully dry, vegetal/grassy nose, complex body and a smooth finish. I've only ever had it neat, but I might make a 'ti punch or two as I work through the bottle. Picked it up after finishing a bottle of Clement Premiere Canne (also great, but not as refined) and the base Clement Rhum Agricole Blanc, which is admittedly harder to drink now that I have Canne Bleue sitting next to it. Would like to compare side by side with the Premiere Canne, which *might* be better value? TBD!

Robert Ferron 🇬🇧 | 166 ratings
Posted almost 6 years ago

Rum festival cardiff! White rhum from Martinique sweet and spicy white agricole decent

Andy Tee 🇲🇾 | 148 ratings
Posted almost 5 years ago

N- With initial burst of sharp and sweet fresh cane juice follow by hefty dried chili smokes, quite fiery, sweaty and floral, some candy underlay. Clear and clean character. (86/20)

P- Spicy cane, raw and very gummy sweet. Vegetal with green tinge and coat of salts in the middle. (85/19)

F- Medium, peppery, mineral, cane-y and spirit-y. Would be a good base for mixing. (82/17)

B/B- 85/19

Weighted Rate- 75pt
— at The Rum Bar KL.

TY 🇦🇹 | 67 ratings
Posted over 3 years ago

Klare Farbe.
Omnipräsente, frische Aromen nach Kräutern, Gewürzen und (überreifem) Obst. Alkoholisch und metallisch-salzig in der Nase.
Trocken. Guter Körper. Alkohol gut eingebettet.
Langer Abgang.

Gewöhnungsbedürftiger Rumstil, nicht für jedermann, den dieser interessante Rum recht schmackhaft macht.

Russ 🇺🇸 | 148 ratings
Posted 2 years ago

While this one is decent enough for sipping on its own, where it really shines is for a mixer or a Ti Punch.

Dumle2000 🇸🇪 | 26 ratings
Posted 7 years ago

Having tried their regular white rhum I naturally had very high expectations. While its still good I didnt like it as much as their regular white one. There seems to be some harsher undertone which I can't describe exactly.

Skene 🇬🇧 | 22 ratings
Posted 3 years ago

More whiskey like than molasses based rums. Adds a punch of flavour to white rum based cocktails. Great as part of a Mai tai.

Brand Details

Type: Agricole
Company: Clement
Country: Martinique
Name: Canne Bleue
ABV: 50%
Raw Material: Cane Juice
Process: Unknown
Distillation: Column Still (1-4)
Women Led: No