Bacardi Carta Blanca rum

Bacardi Carta Blanca

Puerto Rico | Light

268 ratings
Barely drinkable, hard to swallow

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268 Bacardi Carta Blanca ratings

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chikasale71 🇷🇸 | 17 ratings
Posted 1 day ago

If you just exept that it is not a strait drinking rum things look much better for it. Mix with some mint, lime and simple sirup, find a shade on a sunny day and enjoy more than a decent mojito.

JRoberts95 🇬🇧 | 21 ratings
Posted 11 days ago

Only purpose it serves is to get you drunk in a mixer. Good for 18 year old students on the sesh.

Szymon 🇮🇱 | 18 ratings
Posted 12 days ago

Prologue and Disclosure: I am 49 and 10 months old at the moment of writing this review, i never purchased a Bacardi White Rum or ever sipped any of the Bacardi Rums straight before.
I am Insulin Dependent Diabetic. I drink Hard Alcohol Straight since my early teenage years which mostly Wodkas (There is no "V" in Wódka) and mostly blended Whiskeys.
I risked my life knowingly for the purpose of writing this review
My ratings are always within their own Run Class. Which means White Rums are compared to Other White Rums.
My first Bottle of Bacardi "Carta Blanca" 1 Litre, 40% Abv. purchased from Paneco, Israel
First Impression of the Massive clean labeled bottle, read the heritage of the coco palm and the Cuban history heritage of Facundo Bacardi, most importantly read all the low rating and horrible comments here, knowing i am expecting not less than a traumatic experience.

Nose: From curiosity sniffing the mouth of the bottle didn't hint much or anything at all so i had to pour my semi dram shot glass. in the glass it remains shy of strong or harsh young expected alcoholic fumes, it clearly is masterfully filtered for vodka like neutrality, the danger of sniffing so close is inhaling the rum into my nostrils. having in mind the review comparing this to Vodka all the time. it indeed would be a first impression. premium vodka distillation level. however it is Bacardi. i should not expect bad quality alcohol quality (which i doubt what most of the commentators here know what it means).
after some time i can agree i feel a hint of medicinal spirit but very faint. makes sense as originally rum was used for medicinal purposes. i use rubbing alcohol daily, i get it for free i can drink it. my grandfathers used to drink worse things such as Brut cologne.

Tongue: "There is never a second chance to make a first impression" and that impression is of Smooth deep medicinal sweet vodka... (which made me wonder, why are all those hating reviews here? how can be such a purely distilled liquid can be so hated?)
Rolling on my tongue i feel the flavors manifest into delicate, sublime hints. unlike the robust attacking fruit spirit in one of the better cheap white rum i tasted, this one is much more delicate and rounder. if there are molasses in the original distillate almost any hint of them were filtered out but the pleasant tropical hint. unlike the agricoles and cachacas the sweetness in this one comes from aged molasses which were filtered later, would i want to do that to a rum i age? not sure, but this must be the taste profile Bacardi is loyal to for years, and if this Rum is one of the best selling Rum brands in the world, why change it?
The hint of fruit is very general and subdued due to the excessive filtration, but from this to accusing it being a Rum that was turned into a Vodka is a very far stretch.
Actually as a past Vodka sipper i enjoy this lightness and relative neutrality.
if i had been asked, which is easier to drink, This one, or Johnny Walker Red or even Black Scotch or a Finlandia Vodka... after 6 shots of straight Carta Blanca i would easily reply that Bacardi wins here by far.
Finish: While after rolling it and letting the sip sink into my throat a surprising new layer of flavors is exposed... mild sweetnes, pleasant vanilla, not very complex but surprisingly long and lingering. that lingering is dangerous like a clear sea water underwater turbulance, i actually am enjoying this easy going rum that i finished a 1/4 of a Liter bottle for this review.
Finish is surprisingly long compared to anything in this price range both in the rum category and other categories.

I beg the pardon of all the experts who had written here, this is very drinkable and very sippable white rum, for it's price is good value and am sure made and makes many customers very happy returning customers. it's very easy to swallow. whoever concluded it's hard to swallow should swallow other... much softer things, maybe sugar coated popsicles. this is a rum for men. or women which know what they want and what they gonna get.
Hold tight as i rate this: 7.5/10 (which means i have to give it a 7 in RR's limited rating system) compared to other white rums, young and usually filtered to be mixable it is a very easy going pleasant experience, just as what i believe a cheap rum should offer and be.
You have all the right not to agree with me. but based on this experience i surely will drink and buy again.

Whiskyman 🇦🇺 | 17 ratings
Posted 19 days ago

It is a cocktail spirit. It does indeed make cocktails.

Godspeed 🇫🇷 | 15 ratings
Posted 30 days ago

This rum was never intended to be sipped neat. It is a pure mixer and so I will review it for how it was intended to be used. The idea behind carta blanca, as the name also implies, is to filter out as much as possible of the color and flavors of the rum to create something very neutral, almost like a vodka of rum of sorts. This allows other ingredients to shine, makes flavor prediction far easier for mixologists, and creates an excellent base for various rum infusions. As such this product is a great success. Some of the best rum infusions I’ve ever made has been done with Carta blanca. In my opinion its use as a mixer is overrated since the predictability given by the non-flavor quickly also becomes a hindrance to create anything more exciting than what might be appropriate for a teenage rager or the jankiest of trashy nightclubs. However, for infusions this is truly a top flight tool. Most people in a neat sipping oriented rum community will not care about infusing anything but, as I said at the outset, I am reviewing this product for its value as a creative mixing tool.

scotlandgee 🇦🇺 | 2 ratings
Posted 30 days ago

Drinks like nail polish remover mmmmm delish! Could possibly work in a cocktail with strong flavours of literally everything else to drown out the acetone

Tomasz 🇵🇱 | 22 ratings
Posted 2 months ago

Cheap, light rum for drinks. For me, it can be to Mohito, if someone likes its aftertaste, then to cola and where else can we use it? Generally cheap neutral rum, not suitable to drink solo. The worst of the Bacardi family.

Tani, podstawowy jasny rum do drinków. Dla mnie może być do Mohito, jeśli ktoś lubi jego posmak to może do coli i gdzie jeszcze? Generalnie tani, neutralny rum, nie nadaje się do picia solo. Najgorszy z rodziny Bacardi.

Cc1781 🇵🇱 | 15 ratings
Posted 3 months ago

I used it for Pina colada and it was OK. I do not remember the taste of this rum alone.

Cliffdiver21 🇺🇸 | 4 ratings
Posted 3 months ago

If you don’t like yourself try this. Really not enjoyable

risototh 🇸🇰 | 13 ratings
Posted 6 months ago

Not a rum for siping, only for mixes like mojito. That's all to say.