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Dictador Claro 100 rum

Dictador Claro 100

Colombia | Light

12 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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12 Dictador Claro 100 ratings

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Small plantation

Posted almost 2 years ago by Montal from Romania with 20 ratings

Predominantly sweet but pleasant, fruity hues, complemented by slightly accents of almond bitter and cocoa powder.It s different from the others


Posted 3 years ago by Rene Rum (PREMIUM) from Switzerland with 438 ratings

Im Glas etwas transparent gelblich.
In der Nase die typischen Gewürz Düfte die auch beim 12 yo , 15 yo und den XO zu finden sind aber nur sehr schwach im allgeneinem eine schwache Nase. Etwas geräuchertes Karamell und dezente Holztöne sind flüchtig war zunehmen.
Im Gaumen lieblich warm aber sehr zurückhaltend. Kokos, Limetten, Zuckerrohr, Butterkekse, Schokolade und Gewürze sind dezent war zunehmen.
Der Abgang ist wohl das Beste an diesem Rum. Herrlich lang wechseln sich Schokolade, Karamell und Gewürze ab.
Ein durchaus interessanter weisser Rum für Drinks mit "Körper". Für meinen Geschmack ein wenig zu viel gefiltert, gegenüber den 12 yo,15 yo oder XO wirkt dieser 8 jährige flach und fade. Neu jetzt in der klaren Dictador Standartflasche.

In the glass slightly transparent yellowish.
In the nose the typical spice scents that are also found at 12 yo, 15 yo and XO but only very weak in general a weak nose. Some smoked caramel and subtle wood tones are fleetingly increasing.
Deliciously warm on the palate but very reserved. Coconut, lime, sugarcane, butter biscuits, chocolate and spices are discreetly increasing.
The finish is probably the best thing about this rum. Wonderfully long chocolate, caramel and spices alternate.
A very interesting white rum for drinks with "body". For my taste a little too much filtered, compared to the 12 yo, 15 yo or XO, this 8 year old looks flat and bland. New now in the clear Dictador standard bottle.


Posted over 4 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 304 ratings

In the interest of full disclosure I approach my personal review knowing that Dictator is one of my favorite brands.

With that being said, let me tell you about the Claro 100...

First off the "100" refers to how many months it has been aged (a little over 8 years). Interestingly even after that long the color is a pale yellow which makes me wonder if it has been charcoal filtered at some point.

On an aside, I don't know who is responsible for quality control on the bottles but the metal screw cap was substandard and would not release thereby stripping the groove and making it difficult to open. Eventually I managed to coax...force would be a better word...into opening but it wouldn't seal properly after that. Time for a re-design.

Swirling it in my snifter revealed good legs and a very pleasant aroma.

The flavor is quite nice...vanilla, oak, pepper, and a hint of caramel. Sticks to the tongue for a while and has a little burn in the back of the throat.

Definitely a nice sipping rum. Personally I think this is a worthy beach rum. Could be used well in a mixed drink but I would personally recommend it for sipping and relaxing.


Posted 6 years ago by IKEDA JUNICHI from Japan with 19 ratings

In regards to rum, I don't like chocolate flavor.
But I like this because finish is very clear.

Nose: white chocolate, nuts

Taste: dense white chocolate, suger

Finish: clear

Small jessica for rum ratings

Posted 10 months ago by Paul B from United States with 420 ratings

I finally saw this Dictador Claro rum for sale for $21 US (and at a 25% markup at that). What went through my mind when buying it was that I could get to try their Dictador 12 Year Solera in it's infancy with this one. Not even close!!!! The back label states that this rum is made from cane juice and then aged for 100 months in used oak barrels before being filtered to get the color of pale yellow.

So why is it so bad to deserve my low rating of a 4? I am highly tolerant of burn as you all know, but this burn is downright unbearable when served neat. No flavors come through. In other words, this rum is almost worthless for anything. So why not a rating lower than 4? Those lower rums are actually a LOT worse!!!

As an after note, if you get stuck with a bottle of this rum, there is no need to pour it down the drain. Pour some of it over lots of ice and then add a few drops of Angostura Bitters and a few drops of lime juice. Due to no sugar being added to this rum, it probably has a low hangover
effect. However, I seriously doubt that anyone could drink enough of this rum to prove or disprove this theory. You have been warned!

Small img 20210110 180302

Posted over 1 year ago by Florin from Romania with 42 ratings

Iarba verde proaspat cosita, sau mai degraba fan; aici ma duce cu gandul atat mirosul cat si gustul. in miros poate si ceva citric . Alcoolul se simte binisor si in miros si in gust . gustul e persistent. arde pe limba dar curge lin pe gat ), foarte putin dulceag cu aroma de caramel si un iz de lemn . nu i as da chiar 7 dar e mai aproape de 7 decat de 6.
merita incercat daca il gasiti la un pret decent .


Posted over 1 year ago by TY from Austria with 67 ratings

Die hellgoldene Farbe bringt eine willkommene Abwechslung zum Trend der Farbstoffzugabe.
Vanillig mit deutlich wahrnehmbarem Alkoholgeruch in der Nase.
Geschmack nach Butterscotch. Weiterhin alkoholisch, aber nicht scharf. Weich. Kaffenoten im Nachhall. Langer Abgang.

Small j868gn

Posted almost 2 years ago by liviuhorgos from Romania with 19 ratings

Drinkable rum, a bit alcoholic with nothing very bold or dense in aromas.


Posted over 3 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2838 ratings

Tried a glass of Dictador 100 Claro while vacationing in Versailles. Blah bottle and label design. Light yellow color. Weird peppery nose test. Strong alcohol to the palate. Mix it with your favorite soft drinks. Not a neat sipper rum.


Posted over 3 years ago by Matt Coast from Finland with 30 ratings

I think it was 2016 when I did order whole Dictador 100 series and I have to say that Im not a big fan of white ones.

But this white rhum change my opinnion! Lovely stuff and You actually can drink this neat with ice.