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Dictador Amber 100 rum

Dictador Amber 100

Colombia | Gold

14 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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14 Dictador Amber 100 ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Per Rosenhave from Denmark with 158 ratings

I must collect something, else i get crazy, so why not Rum?


Posted almost 6 years ago by Jimmyan from KR with 19 ratings

when you look at Dictador's lineup, you have to ask yourself where does this one fit in... it's definitely not aimed at true rum drinkers... does that mean it's aiming squarely at Bacardi drinkers?

if the latter, it makes sense.

if the former, you are ruining the brand image for brand's other products.


Posted 3 months ago by Thoomas from Slovakia with 25 ratings

Kind of harsh rum with strong notes of wood and little bit smoky. The end is very dry and unpleasant for me. I could not feel anything else.


Posted 10 months ago by Swisslet from United Kingdom with 28 ratings

This rum has a beautifully rich, sweet nose. Before I’ve tasted a drop, it’s already delicious. Once it’s warmed up a bit, this sweetness can be found in the rum itself. Slightly alcoholic on the tongue, but really very drinkable.


Posted 10 months ago by Rsvec from Austria with 80 ratings

I like all Dictadors - it is great to be able to follow the maturing of their products. One each stage they are special - Chapeau


Posted almost 2 years ago by Isegal from Germany with 77 ratings

My first dictador, that waas a mistake. I will try soon other dictadors and i hope they will tast better.


Posted over 2 years ago by ripperussr from Czech Republic with 119 ratings

Stronger aroma (maybe touch of caramel), average taste, not sweet, little bit woody


Posted over 2 years ago by B.P.O. from Netherlands with 53 ratings

The Dutch would label this as Jong Belegen (Young Mature). Like some of the other commentators this lacks a place within the line up of Dictador.
Smell is smooth-ish with a hint of cinnamon and 5-spice but taste is sharp & spicy, showing what seems to be its age.
It’s not a rum mixer, whilst at the same time I struggle to drink it straight.


Posted over 3 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2838 ratings

Tried a glass of Dictador 100 Amber while vacationing in Versailles. Boring bottle design. Golden color. Alcohol to the nose. If you pay attention, there is a hint of Dictador rum lurking behind all that un-matured alcohol smell. Taste test reveals a very young and immature flavor profile. Burn follows at the end. What else do you expect from a 100 month aging process.


Posted 4 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 304 ratings

In the interest of full disclosure I approach my personal review knowing that Dictator is one of my favorite brands.

As with the Dictador Claro 100 (which I reviewed earlier) the "100" refers to how many months it has been aged (a little over 8 years). The hue becomes a nice shade of mahogany with bronze highlights..

I repeat myself but just as with the Dictado Claro 100 the metal screw cap was substandard and would not release thereby stripping the groove and making it difficult to open. Eventually I managed to get the stupid thing OFF the bottle by using my Spyderco pocketknife (without ruining the point BTW). Apparently I am not alone with this gripe. Hopefully someone there will get the hint.

I noticed very good legs when I swirled it around in my snifter. Lengthy streams. The aroma is quite nice.

I detect butterscotch, toffee, and some vanilla in the initial flavor along with natural sweetness. Some oak and pepper, but not all that much surprisingly. It is quite smooth with little burn. The finish highlight the butterscotch and vanilla flavors which slowly fade enticing one to take another sip.

Along with the Dictador Claro 100 this is a very nice sipping rum. I've given both an 8 but if I had to choose, the Amber would be my choice over the Claro but both would be welcome.