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Doorly's Macaw White 3-Year rum

Doorly's Macaw White 3-Year

Barbados | Light | 40.0% ABV

11 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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11 Doorly's Macaw White 3-Year ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 304 ratings

I've readily admitted that most of my favorite rums originate in Barbados (someone needs to tell me if this is a good vacation destination) so when I came across various bottle of Doorly's at Total Wine and More in Jacksonville with "Barbados" prominently features on the label, I had to get a bottle of each type they carried.

Although this is considered a light/white rum, it actually is a very, very pale straw color which becomes apparent in a snifter. It has very nice strong legs revealing it to be rather viscous in nature but not "thick".

Based upon the flavor I assume it's not an aged rum (I don't taste any oak tannins). However it's not harsh. In fact, it's relatively smooth for a light rum. If you're a bit adventurous I could see you sipping this rum neat. However this rum is fantastic as a mixer. Only slightly sweet at the outset with a marked molasses flavor. No massive burn but a strong warmth that fades revealing more of that molasses flavor. A little vanilla and caramel undertones are noted throughout.

As far as white/light rums go, this is smoother than expected. Not so smooth as to be a wonderful sipping rum for most but smooth enough to be a great mixer. Definitely recommendable.

To me I find it rather enjoyable as a sipper keeping in mind there is a lengthier burn to it than most (even at 80 proof) but find it fantastic in Coke Zeros. The slight molasses flavor really works well with Coke Zero. This also works awesomely well in fruit juices. Try it with some O.J. sometime. Next time I try this I want to see how just a splash of water or an ice cube might bring forth more subtle flavors I missed initially.


Posted almost 3 years ago by John T from United States with 7 ratings

Bought this to mix in cocktails. I am a huge fan of Doorly's rums, and this is a wonderful addition to my collection of bottles. When sipped neat it has the vanilla, molasses, and cherry-like flavors natural to rum, with a youthful burn which adds a lingering warmth. A burn is maybe not what people want from their rum, but I normally drink whiskies that are 100 proof or higher, and this is nowhere in that category so it's not unpleasant to me.


Posted 4 years ago by "Samuel Brunello" from United States with 78 ratings

I had to rate this on the overall spectrum of rum, otherwise it throws off my list. But for white rum, this is awesome!! Smells pretty neutral, only sporting clean sugar aromas. Sweet on the entry, with more of that sugar flavor (it tastes like sugar, it doesn't actually taste sweet) along with bananas and cherries. The banana keeps going and caramelizes on the finish, which is quite nice, if a little hot.

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Posted over 1 year ago by poly.pop from United States with 32 ratings

Light and balanced, with vanilla, buttercream, tropical fruit and some peppery warmth. With only 3 years in wood, you're not going to get the intense caramel richness of the XO or 12 year for instance. Instead, the shorter aging serves primarily to smooth out and balance the natural flavors of the rum.
My favorite go to for simple cocktails like mojitos or rum and coke. Honestly, not bad on the rocks either. It doesn't do this rum justice to call it a "mixer", it's a great rum - period!


Posted almost 2 years ago by JeffBuck from United States with 80 ratings

If you want a cheap true white Barbados Rum for mixing, this is the one to use.


Posted over 2 years ago by JackOrion from United States with 61 ratings

This is the one to get when you’re mixing rum cocktails and you don’t want to reach for the Cana Brava.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Paul B from United States with 420 ratings

I am surprised how good this one is for the equivalent of $9 US per fifth. Nothing offensive, but it cannot compete with white rum sippers like Vizcaya Cristal, Selvarey White, Plantation 3-Star, Cana Brava 3 -Year, and Foursquare Probitas. At this price and now finally being readily available fairly close to where I live, this one is a no brainer as a white mixer.

The BIG bottle also comes with a nice BIG macaw on the front. I do believe that the Macaw White and their 3-Year are the same rum.

And if you ever find yourself low on funds and needing some rum, this is my best bang for the buck recommendation. It also has no hangover!!!!

Update January 5, 2021: This makes for one horrible Cuban Daiquiri since this is not a Cuban style white rum. The lime portion tends to take over this drink, which should never happen. I used the old formula of one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, and four of week, but it did not work with this rum. So I dropped back to punt and tried my usual two parts of premium coconut water to one part of white rum. In this case, the drink worked out just fine with nothing sour to take away from the taste of this rum. One can always add a few drops of bitters and/or lime juice to taste, but I left it to be very basic and let each drinker adjust to their own tastes. However, with it's very limited use, I had no choice except to drop my rating down to a 5. This is yet one more over rated Bajan rum.


Posted 3 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2838 ratings

Got a bottle of Doorly's Macaw White from a local grocery store on my last night here at Mexico City. Bottle and label design looks pretty decent. Strong alcohol, very offputting artificial vanilla and such a burn to your nose and palate. This is not a neat sipper due to such a strong burn, so mix it up with your favorite soda.


Posted 5 years ago by nomad from United States with 133 ratings

More cherries fewer bananas than other Doorly rums. A bit more syrup, a little phenolic, amazingly not hot.
Great value overall as a mixer. Very high 6.


Posted over 6 years ago by MnChuck from United States with 14 ratings

Like other FourSquare Distillery Rums I really liked this simple white rum. Just a bit of vanilla. Cant wait to try this in a cocktail.