Oxbow Estate 2021 Louisiane rum

Oxbow Estate 2021 Louisiane

United States | Light | 45.0% ABV | Pot Still Distilled

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Paul B 🇺🇸 | 470 ratings
Posted 1 year ago

This is a 90 proof rhum agricole from Louisiana. It is made from sugar cane juice 90 minutes after pressing. What makes it different from other agricoles is that it is pot distilled in small batches.

It is some smooth and would be a great introduction to agricoles for molasses based rum lovers. It will not offend anyone. Usually, the pot still enhances the flavors of molasses based rum. In this case, the pot still actually smooths out the flavors that would put off newcomers to agricoles.

I would guess that the yeast comes from Louisiana because if it came from Martinique or Guadeloupe, they would proudly say so. This company also produces the Three Roll line of rums and their Premium Rum is also a 90 proof agricole. That one proudly states that the yeast came from Guadeloupe.

This Oxbow Estate version also costs $50, which is $17 more than their Three Roll version. This one is definitely worth the money!

Update about two weeks later: I had trouble getting to sleep and kept sipping on this rhum. It did not work. Not only that, I did not enjoy the taste as I did on my first try. This left me no choice except to lower my rating to a 7. It is still the best tasting unaged agricole, but I always prefer aged agricoles.

SerenityFF 🇺🇸 | 50 ratings
Posted 9 months ago

Tried this fresh cane juice rum on a visit to the distillery in March 2023. It has a raw edge as it is unaged, but was good. It is smooth and definitely has the grassy notes that you would expect. I bought a bottle and look forward to trying it in a Donga Punch.

Brand Details

Name: 2021 Louisiane
Company: Oxbow Estate
Type: Light
Distillations: Pot Still
ABV: 45.0%
Distilled: 2021