Savanna 2020 Le Must Réunion Island rum

Savanna 2020 Le Must Réunion Island

Reunion | Aged | 45.0% ABV

8 ratings
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8 Savanna 2020 Le Must Réunion Island ratings

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henrik pedersen 🇩🇰 | 167 ratings
Posted 1 month ago

Dejlig rum fra Savanna. Dejlig sipper, med lidt sødme uden at der er tilsat sukker. Skal prøves i en Mai Tai.

Rene Rum (PREMIUM) 🇨🇭 | 540 ratings
Posted 11 months ago

Goldglänzendes Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase geheimnisvoll und mystisch. Duftende Schwaden werden aus dem Cirque Salazie nach Nord-Osten geblasen und Du saugst sie auf. Kandierte Früchte, in Karamell getunkte Holzwolle , Gewürze und getrocknete Kräuter, um nur Einige zu nennen.
Am Gaumen mystisch und vertraut. Nun verlierst Du dich endgültig im nebligen Dschungel, dem Etikett gleich. Karamell durchdringt den Nebel und weitere leckere Aromen folgen. Gebratene tropische Früchte, Banane, Mangos und auch solche die wir nicht kennen werden auf getoasteten Holzbrettern serviert und zeigen ihre beste Seite.
Im Abgang satt und mittellang. Früchte und Karamell bleiben etwas länger und der Nebel lichtet sich allmählich.
Ein durchaus gelungener Rum der Freude macht. Für Einsteiger und Geniesser.
G+R F LU 22

Golden amber in the glass.
Mysterious and mystical on the nose. Fragrant swaths are blown from Cirque Salazie to the north-east and you absorb them. Candied fruits, wood shavings dipped in caramel , spices and dried herbs to name a few.
Mystical and familiar on the palate. Now you finally lose yourself in the misty jungle, like the label. Caramel pierces the mist and more delicious flavors follow. Roasted tropical fruits, banana, mangoes and even those we don't know are served on toasted wooden boards and show their best side.
The finish is lush and medium in length. Fruits and caramel linger a bit longer and the fog gradually lifts.
A thoroughly successful rum that is a pleasure to drink. For beginners and connoisseurs.
G+R F LU 22

Mujuru 🇺🇸 | 149 ratings
Posted 16 days ago

I finally got my hands on some distillate from the Savanna distillery. It took me quite sometime but I patiently waited and when this bottling showed up I pounced.

I have been wanting to try rum from the Savanna distillery on Reunion Island off the coast of Africa for a long time. I was unable to obtain the sought after HERR 57 so I patiently waited for a Savanna bottling with the right specs (to my tastes) to appear on the radar. When this bottling was posted and I read it’s details it seemed like a no brainer.

This is a blend of Grande Arome and Rhum Traditionnel, both French molasses based rums distilled on Reunion Island on column stills and aged tropically for 9 years onsite in the Indian Ocean. It is bottled at 45% ABV. Grande Arome is a high ester style of French style rum made from molasses. In many respects it is like a high ester Jamaican rum. Rhum Traditionnel is also a French molasses style rum.

I have had aged Rhum Traditionnel from Guadeloupe and thoroughly enjoyed it to the extent that I bought a couple of bottles. So when I read the specs of this rum from Savanna it sounded like something I would thoroughly enjoy.

Taking this on the nose from the Glencairn is exactly what I had hoped for. I get a heavy nose of Blackstrap Molasses, Honey, and Lemon Curd. Then it turns floral in a major way with Honeysuckle and Fresh Roses coming to the forefront. Next I get a very creamy and fruity dose of Blueberries in Whipcream. And it continues, next comes Tangerine and a faint Wood Lacquer note. A final waft reveals an olfactory experience akin to standing in a Tobacco Barn. This rum is far more complex on the nose than I anticipated, and in a rather enjoyable way.

Taking a sip the palate first mirrors the nose and I get a mouthful of Honey, Lemon Curd, and Honeysuckle. But then the rum shifts gears and I get Sandalwood and a powerful but difficult to describe note that is both fragrant and floral.

The complexity returns once again after the rum leaves the mouth. On the finish I get more Honeysuckle but also Green Apple Jolleyrancher hard candy. Next I get more Sandalwood but also light Rosewater. After a while I get a build up of a aftertaste akin to Yellow Starburst candies.

Frankly, this rum is everything I hoped it would be and more. In some respects it is quite similar to Transcontinental Rum Line Guadeloupe. But it is also different. It has a great deal of (delightful) floral and candy funk. The Grande Arome here is palpable.

This is (yet another) excellent molasses based rum French tradition rum. The French isles really should produce more of these. They are quite expressive and funky. And they age like high ester Jamaican rums. These aged Rhum Traditionnels really are unique and delightful. This is worth every bit of the trouble and patience required to get it, at least to me.

It inadvertently says it all right there on the bottle. This is a Le Must

Short Description: Honeysuckle, Roses, Lemon Curd, and Hard Candy in a Sandalwood devotion room.

ABV: 45%

Country of Origin: France

Region: Reunion Island

Nose: Molasses, Honey, Lemon Curd, Honeysuckle, Roses, Blueberries in Whipped Cream, Tangerine, faint Wood Lacquer, Tobacco Barn

Palate: Honey, Lemon Curd, Honeysuckle, Sandalwood, Floral and Fragrant,

Finish: Honeysuckle, Green Apple Jolleyrancher, faint Sandalwood, Rosewater, Yellow Starburst Candy

Sunday Rumor 🇩🇪 | 7 ratings
Posted 24 days ago


All 45% of alcohol volume is hitting you at the start, the same as the alcohol vapor kicks your nose when the rhum is swirled in the glass. But that is the attitude of real dram. It starts with some crispy bitterness, probably from molasses, then black pepper continues to play its role till the sugar comes on top, or better say cherry…
Literally the sweet notes are coming at the end, like the whole taste process, just without salt for now.. Near the raisins and pear, one special flavor showed up. Sour cherry, with the hint of oregat.

For whole article and for more aroma & tastings with Savanna Le Must:


filovo 🇨🇿 | 476 ratings
Posted 6 months ago

barva : slámová
vune vůně louky, mořské soli,
chut: dost jemná, pak nastupuje alkohol, lehká dřevitost a slanost
zaver : kratší ale stále docela zábavný
hodnoceni 7,6
koupit ano z 50%
Alcohol 45 %

colour : straw
scent of meadow, sea salt,
Taste: quite mild, then alcohol, light woodiness and saltiness
Finish : shorter but still quite entertaining
rating 7.6
buy yes from 50%
Alcohol 45 %

Drinkia 🇨🇿 | 341 ratings
Posted 8 months ago

Kvetiny a ovoce, rum lehce zkroceny drevem. Stredne plny primocary. Ja nevim, me to moc nechytlo.

bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 148 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

im nosing this right now, waiting because it have to sit in the glass, 45% abv ...
interesting winey aroma, also some hint of liquorice, from the nose you know is dry,
and in the mouth it s dry like most agricole rhums i tried, but ok this is traditionnel,
so it s a molasses distillate, really it s like drinking some good cognac or maybe irish whiskey,
this wineish flavour, some oak, again a little hint of anis/liquorice, interesting rum,
i know it s not the best they have but (for me) is worth the money spent (around 80 euro)
drinking it more another day and you ll discover more flavors, of course some vanilla
and a little bit of caramel, accompany it with a good (medium strength) cigar if
you smoke, very nice experience ...

8E7 🇧🇪 | 31 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

Like a lot of French Rhum, tends to taste a bit like cognac or whisky. Mainly because it aged on oak casks probably. In my opinion lacks a bit in fruitiness or sweetness

Brand Details

Name: 2020 Le Must Réunion Island
Company: Savanna
Type: Aged
Distillation: Unknown
ABV: 45.0%
Distilled: 2020