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Bacardi 1909 Superior Heritage Limited Edition rum

Bacardi 1909 Superior Heritage Limited Edition

United States | Light | 40% ABV

Bacardi 1909 Superior Heritage Limited Edition rum is based on the original design from 1909. It was produced by Bacardi Y Compañia S.A. de C.V. at the Destileria la Galarza in Mexico under the close supervision of José Sanchez Gavito, Maestro de Ron Bacardi. It has been certified as meeting the flavour profile of the first blending in 1862.

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19 Bacardi 1909 Superior Heritage Limited Edition Ratings

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Chris 🇳🇱 | 75 ratings
Posted over 6 years ago

If this is the white bacardi from 1909 i truly wonder what mistakes they made to make it into what white bacardi is now.. you can drink this straight, oke still not the best white rum but way better than the regular white nowadays! Please read this bacardi 😜 and make more of this!

Tom 🇺🇸 | 230 ratings
Posted over 6 years ago

Hecho en Mexico, not Puerto Rico, this rum has a nice flavor composition that has mimicked as close to the original recipe from the early 1900’s. With a strong Cuban influence, this rum has a fairly complex flavor that can be sipped neat, though mixing would be your best bet.
I like that this is a limited edition from Bacardi without having to pay $100 for its Reserva Limitada.

Juno 🇺🇸 | 51 ratings
Posted 9 years ago

Slightly firmer due to the higher proof. This is great to add to cola and a slight improvement over the bar classic.

ErikV12 🇺🇸 | 69 ratings
Posted 1 month ago

I have only been getting into the rum world for the last few years now and it was way after this bottle was originally released. I’m usually an aged rum drinker as I am too lazy to have to measure and mix ingredients. I want to just pour them and enjoy. But I’m also a fan of throwback, retro packaging and I love history and collecting. So when visiting a smaller local liquor store today, I came across this bottle(there were still 4 left on the shelf after I grabbed 2) and it was still only $19.99 so I had to take it(or well two for that matter). I figured even if I didn’t like it, it would still look nice for my collection. As I stated, I’m not really into mixing, and for most people on here, that’s all that Bacardi is really good for. But this one you can actually sip if you like younger fruitier notes. It’s obviously still meant for mixing but if you can appreciate the history of not only the rum itself but also finding something from 2010 that is still on the shelf, plus you like the historic bottle/label then I’d say grab one if you ever come across one

Mujuru 🇺🇸 | 153 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

This is not your standard Bacardi. This rum is a special edition created by Bacardi in 2010 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Daiquiri cocktail and the original Bacardi light rum first produced. It is an attempt to recreate the original Bacardi light rum as it was produced in Cuba at the turn of the 20th century.

This rum itself is produced in Mexico by Bacardi using fermented molasses and then aged for 18 months before being filtered and bottled at 44.5% ABV as it originally was back in 1909. I am trying this neat in a Glencairn and also at various levels of dilution.

I have this weird fascination with wondering what the original pre-Cuban revolution Bacardi rum tasted like, but I am unable to get a sample of that because I don’t have the means or those kind of connections. So when I heard about this rum I put it on my list to track down. I am curious how this stacks up against the current Bacardi Superior, Havana Club 3 Year, and my favorite white Latin Ron Selvarey White. So how *does* this old recipe compare to the new version and other competitors in the same style?

First of all, the nose on this Ron is *very* different from other white Latin Rons I have had. Taking a whiff from the Glencairn I get strong fresh sugar cane and lime followed by what I can only describe as a fresh Ocean breeze. Accompanying that I get Honeydew melon, cracked black pepper, and the faint smell of bubblegum. The Honeydew melon note is quite pronounced and pleasant.

The palate also brings a very new profile to me. Taking a sip I get a mouthful of bubblegum accompanied by vanilla and lime. Then the palate takes an interesting saline turn with light brine and Salt water taffy notes. Those give way to a faint Honeydew melon note.

As the rum exits the mouth the Honey melon note becomes stronger and moves to the fore, followed by light fresh peppermint and a faint return of salt water taffy.

These notes on the palate and finish become more pronounced with the addition of a small amount of water. This is another case of water opening up the notes rather than concealing them.

This is pretty tasty and a very different take on White Latin Ron. It is *leagues* better than Bacardi Superior. Bacardi really should just change over their flagship Superior to this original recipe. It is so much better. This rum rivals Cuban Havana Club 3 Year though the notes are different. It’s definitely on the level. It’s not quite as preferable as Selvarey White but…it’s different. Selvarey and Cuban Havana Club are citrus and marshmallow driven. This is more akin to a mix of unaged Agricole and white Latin Ron. Yes it has the Vanilla and Lime notes, but it also has very expressive fresh sugar cane, melon, and saline notes. And dare I say they work extremely well.

If this is the standard Bacardi use to produce, they need to go back to it. Their current recipe can’t hold a candle to this.

I am not going to go so far to say this is a must have up with Neisson Blanc and Rum Bar OP, but this is definitely one of the best white Latin Rons I have had to date. Bottles of this are a bit scarce, kind of, but you can still find some around. If anyone has a connection to Bacardi, please tell them that if they want to rival Havana Club they need to replace Superior with this original recipe. It’s sooo much better. Their current Superior won’t compete with Cuban Havana Club, but this will. This is what Bacardi should be focusing on. This is a welcome addition to my cabinet and I very well may buy another bottle of this.

(I will also note that from my experience thus far the rums that Bacardi produces in Mexico are better than the lines I have had from their Puerto Rican distillery. This and Bacardi Ocho are both produced in Mexico and are better than their Puerto Rican rums by some margin. I rate this rum better than Bacardi Ocho, though the profiles are different. This one is just more complex and interesting.)

Oh, and yes, it makes an absolutely superb Daiquiri. One of the best I have had to date not involving Clairin Le Rocher.

Short Description: What Bacardi Superior originally was and is supposed to be. A different class altogether from their current subpar line.

Nose: Lime, Fresh Sugar Cane, Ocean breeze, Honeydew Melon, Cracked black pepper, faint bubblegum

Palate: Bubblegum, Vanilla, Lime, slight saline, salt water taffy, faint honeydew melon

Finish: (medium) Honeydew Melon, Peppermint, Saltwater taffy

ABV 44.5%

Country of Origin: Mexico

Distillery: Bacardi

MaxMunafo 🇺🇸 | 67 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

WAAAAAAY better than standard Bacardi Superior, but still not speaking to me.

J1gg1ns 🇬🇧 | 59 ratings
Posted almost 4 years ago

Although this still has that iron like, signature Bacardi flavor, it is much smoother and better than the regular line. The higher percentage is also nice to see. Unlike the regular Bacardi, you can even drink this neat if you so choose and like others have said, it makes a nice Daiquiri. There are many better rums out there but this is actually fairly decent for a Bacardi!

Sheff Ma Zi 🇷🇺 | 13 ratings
Posted over 4 years ago

This sample is unique for bacardi family because of it's pear, smooth aroma, smooth, sweet and fruity taste.
Everything seem to be nice and strong 7, except Bacardi's gasoline aftertaste, that spoils everything. Trust me, I love, when it burns, but burnes with funky cool aromas. This aftertaste kills the whole complexity and heritage intrest. I'd rather put more dense Jamaican dark sample with oaky flavor to my fruity daiquiri coupe, neither experience weird gas station in my mouth.

But on the other hand, if you are into classic daiquiri, you use lime juice, you dissolve sugar in it, you avoid the water, etc - this is your joice. Handy on the budget, but really hard to find. This is probably the best from Bacardi family, but definetly not the best "white" option, if it's not about daiquiries. It created only and for the prohibition cocktail. Nothing more

Avoid sipping it neat

AlexMo 🇷🇺 | 202 ratings
Posted almost 5 years ago

Нейтральный запах как у мороженого, привкус чего-то хвойного, сладковатый с горечью. Очень питкий и конечно обязательно с закуской, потому как недесертные 44,5%. Наутро состояние собранное , но остатки алкоголя выводятся некомфортно долго.

Cory Wid 🇺🇸 | 97 ratings
Posted 5 years ago

It was very hard to track this bottle down.
This is significant jump above the typical Bacardi Superior. Really love the mouthfeel, which is far more velvety. I would almost go as far as to say this is medium bodied, complimented by a very pleasant fragrance.
I could sip this all day, and would happily use this as my primary daquiri rum.

Brand Details

Type: Light
Company: Bacardi
Country: United States
ABV: 40%
Name: 1909 Superior Heritage Limited Edition
Raw Material: Unknown
Process: Pure blend (1 distillery)
Distillation: Unknown
Women Led: No