Transcontinental Rum Line 2015 Jamaica WP Navy Strength 5-Year rum

Transcontinental Rum Line 2015 Jamaica WP Navy Strength 5-Year

France | Overproof | 57.4% ABV | Pot Still Distilled

2 ratings
Truly a fantastic choice

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2 Transcontinental Rum Line 2015 Jamaica WP Navy Strength 5-Year ratings

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Posted 5 months ago by Mujuru 🇺🇸 | 110 ratings

This is a Worthy Park pot still rum, that, like nearly all in the Transcontinental Rum, is partially tropically aged and partially continentally aged. Specifically this Worthy Park mark was tropically aged 3 years in Jamaica and then sent to Europe and aged a further 2 years in Scotland before being bottled at 57.4% ABV. Unlike the Plantation range, Transcontinental does not permit any additives (nor do they utilize boise). This is a true, no nonsense, partially tropically aged, partially continentally aged Jamaican pot still rum from Worthy Park.

Nosing the Glencairn I get strong Hazelnut syrup and caramelized banana, followed by Werthers caramels and cherry brandy bonbons. Then the nose turns tropical with Kesar Mango (the golden yellow variety), and Guava followed by cherry pie filling and a lovely aroma of Christmas rum based Eggnog.

The palate is Exhibit A of what I love about Worthy Park rums: it matches the nose almost exactly but then accentuates it to an even stronger and more sumptuous degree. Taking a sip, my mouth is flooded with Bananas - crazy Bananas - followed milk chocolate, Kesar mango, cherry brandy bonbons, hazelnut syrup, and eggnog. And to top it all off, the taste of perfectly toasted marshmallow (light caramel brown toasting, not burnt, and just right).

The finish lingers with caramelized banana, Guava, perfectly toasted marshmallow, a slight touch of oak, and just the ever so slightest hint of cedar and bitter pine sap.

I am amazed at how Trancontinental Rum Line manages to perfectly balance the deep tropical fruit notes of the pot still esters and tropical aging with the more mellow dessert notes of continental aging. The combined result is gorgeous here. This is a masterclass in blending for a relaxing sipper - at least to my tastes.

This rum is not going to send your mind puzzling like a Habitation Velier WP release, but it is hard to imagine a better balance between funky tropical fruit and a confectioners shop.

Even at 57.4% ABV pure liquid form it becomes increasingly difficult not to go back for 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths or 7ths. But if you pace yourself this is one hell of delightful sip that just continues to grow on you. It’s yet another masterpiece out of St. Catherine, Jamaica and TCRL. This time with a European fusion aging touch.

Ok, fine, I am willing to admit it, I have a Worthy Park fetish. There I said it. But damn, seriously I am going on quite a few variations from WP and still have yet to try one that I haven’t been just absolutely smitten by (I guess Doctor Bird was just “pretty damn good” and not “holy cow this is amazing!!”, and that was the lowest of the WP distillates I have had). And Transcontinental Rum Line absolutely nails the dual aging on this one. If you like Smith & Cross, this one will blow you away.

Maybe I appreciate this more than others here, but man, this is one hell of a rum to
my tastes. I have too many rums, but I suppose need to buy another bottle of this because I really don’t want to ever run out of this. This is fantastic.

Short Description: A perfect mix between high ester fruit funk and the delights of a confectioners shop. Dual aging done right.

Nose: Hazelnut syrup, caramelized banana, Werthers caramels, cherry brandy bonbons, Kesar Mango, Guava, Cherry pie filling, eggnog

Palate: Bananas (strong), caramel, milk chocolate, Mango, cherry brandy bonbons, eggnog, toasted marshmallow, hazelnut syrup

Finish: caramelized banana, Guava, toasted marshmallow, touch of oak, just the slightest hint of bitter cedar and pine sap

ABV: 57.4%

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Distillery: Worthy Park at St. Catherine

Posted 8 months ago by Quilty 🇺🇸 | 15 ratings

The aroma is warm, but not hot, with the main aromas being vanilla and leather. The color is pretty light, although it is aged 3 years in Jamaica and 2 years in “Europe.”

As expected, it’s a little hot when drinking due to ABV, but not distractingly so. It still does taste pretty good with the predominant flavors being vanilla and wood with some lingering tobacco. One can’t help but notice the high ABV, though, during tasting. This is my first try at any Transcontinental rums. I think it might be nice in a cocktail, which is not meant as a criticism.

Brand Details

Name: 2015 Jamaica WP Navy Strength 5-Year
Company: Transcontinental Rum Line
Type: Overproof
Distillation: Pot Still
ABV: 57.4%
Aged: 5
Distilled: 2015
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