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Worthy Park 109 rum

Worthy Park 109

Jamaica | Dark | 54.5% ABV | Pot Still

60 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great

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60 Worthy Park 109 Ratings

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Anders Ravn Jørgensen 🇩🇰 | 216 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Rom fra Jamaica, frugt rom og uden melasse men på sukkerrør, slet ikke noget for mig..

eddieo 🇺🇸 | 107 ratings
Posted 2 years ago

This is a great sub for traditional navy rums, packing in 54.5% ABV and colored a rich caramel mahogany hue. This is a cocktail workhorse! Great in tropical and tiki recipes calling for a dark rum, not as strong and overwhelming as OFTD (Plantation) can be, and much better bodies and tasting than Myers or Goslings .

This was originally to have been called “gunpowder proof”, but a certain litigious British brand prevented that from stealing their thunder.

Corneliusl 🇳🇴 | 89 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

Dark brown colour
Nice cask finish with vanilla on the tongue
Not too funky

Discover.rum 🇸🇪 | 18 ratings
Posted 8 months ago

Powerfull and strong taste, and somehow sweet and fruity at the same time. Dark caramel colour. Big character

DB 🇺🇸 | 80 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

Pretty much a home run for the price. Nose is reasonably light on the funk scale (but no doubt it is Jamaican), accompanied by a fruit sweetness, oak, alcohol, hints of molasses and maple.

Even less funk on the palate, but it's there. It's nice and spicy up front, peppery, lightly sweet evolving into a well-balanced woody presentation accented by mild earth, citrus, pineapple, with solid oak, molasses, and a bit of clove in the medium finish. I am surprised at how nicely layered and reasonably complex this is given the relative youthfulness. Semi-dry, and not much heat for the ABV; goes down easily, and opens up nicely with time in the glass.

Worthy of experimentation (no pun intended) in mixed cocktails, great in the Jet Pilot - but also serves nicely as a sipper. For the price, I've got no complaints. Definitely recommend it.

Thomas Breuning 🇩🇰 | 243 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

Duft af banan, fermenteret frugt. En lille smule ananas. Smagen er også fermenteret frugt. Meget alkohol. Worthy Parks produkter er for mig noget af det værste. Det er alt for fermenteret, og deres Rum-Bar Overproof er det værste, der findes, og denne er kun marginalt bedre. (18. december 2021 i 1423.

ripperussr 🇨🇿 | 605 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

High ester aroma; burned esterish body with fruity, caramel spicy touch. Longer burn in the tail.

Rene Rum (PREMIUM) 🇨🇭 | 547 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Etwas zwischen Kirschsaft und Mahagoni im Glas. Ups, ein Schuss Karamellcouleur zuviel.
In der Nase stark und düster. Stark angebranntes Karamell, angekohlte Fässer und verbrannte Kräuter sind dominant, etwas Funk im Hintergrund.
Am Gaumen kräftig und stark. Etwas bitteres Karamell und ein wenig Holz.
Im Abgang bleibt eine bittere Schärfe zurück
Ein High Proof der nicht ganz überzeugt. Für Einsteiger und Mutige.
- 2cl Muster -

Something between cherry juice and mahogany in the glass. Oops, a dash of caramel couleur too much.
Strong and gloomy on the nose. Strong burnt caramel, charred barrels and burnt herbs are dominant, some funk in the background.
Powerful and strong on the palate. Some bitter caramel and a bit of wood.
A bitter spiciness lingers in the finish.
A high proof that does not quite convince. For beginners and the brave.
- 2cl sample -

Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) 🇸🇪 | 528 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Had just a sample of this Pot Still rum, a blend of rums that’s consisting of unaged rum as well as rum aged for up to 3 years.
The aroma is fresh and I recognize fruity flavours.
In mouth, palate and during the quite long finish I detect tropical fruits, ginger and oak.
Overall it’s a great high esters, funky and well balanced rum with heavy flavors.
Picture: My emptied sample poured in a glass.

Uhyrto 🇨🇿 | 121 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

Asi nejlepší dark co sem měl. Dobrý samotné ale ideální do drinků. V chuti hodně karamel a trochu estery.