Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star rum

Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star

Puerto Rico | Aged | 40.0% ABV

Ron del Barrilito 3 Star rum is produced in Bayamón Puerto Rico by the Fernández family, which has been producing rum in the area since 1804, making it the oldest rum manufacturer in Puerto Rico. The rum is first blended and then aged for a minimum of 6 years.

A single barrel of Ron del Barrilito rum was set aside in 1942 called the 'Freedom Barrel.' When Puerto Rico gains its independence the Freedom Barrel will be opened in the Bayamón town square for all to share.

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159 Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star ratings

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Daniel Rodriguez 🇺🇸 | 1 rating
Posted almost 5 years ago

Unique and complex flavors. Wonderful on the palate at.a GREAT price!

Christian 🇺🇸 | 10 ratings
Posted over 6 years ago

A golden hue of wood and citrus glory. Surprised me being that the bottle was nothing special. Be thirsty my friends

Eanousa 🇺🇸 | 53 ratings
Posted over 7 years ago

Edit - bumping this up to a 10, just love this rum!!!!

The smokiness continues to build the more you drink of it.

Picked it up on the way out of Puerto Rico knowing little about this 3 Star or sipping rum. The flavor made me add less and less coke till there was just the rum and the ice by the third glass. After easily polishing the bottle off, I desperately needed more of that rich smokey after taste!

btorbit 🇺🇸 | 1 rating
Posted over 1 year ago

This is the best rum in Puerto Rico period. The flavor is so full and it has a very distinct taste. The aging process that they use really shows how an aged rum enhances the smoothness.

David 🇺🇸 | 1 rating
Posted over 4 years ago

Great rum. I drink it like we drink rum back home in PR. Straight no ice or mix.

Yaron D. COLON 🇺🇸 | 1 rating
Posted over 5 years ago

...nothing compares to this smooth rum, in the leagues of the best Armagnac, however, made from sugar cane...

Giovanni 🇮🇹 | 1 rating
Posted over 6 years ago

With its nice and smooth smoky aroma, it was a surprise. The price is very low for such a great Rum.

EJB 🇺🇸 | 3 ratings
Posted 4 years ago

Ron del Barrilito is my favorite rum by far.

Hand-crafted in small batches, it has set the bar high for any other aged rum product. No added sugars or flavorings keep the flavor natural and smooth. While Ron del Barrilito says it has rum aged up to 10 years, there use rums aged nearly 20 years in these batches.

Highly recommend you try this rum!

scotvet97 🇺🇸 | 2 ratings
Posted 1 year ago

A terrific rum to drink neat with it’s oaky, vanilla, caramel, smokey notes. I also use it to make old fashioneds with just a little simple syrup and three dashes of orange bitters. Delicious!

Tate 🇺🇸 | 4 ratings
Posted almost 6 years ago

This was the one that got me into sippers. The 2 star is also good and quite a bit cheaper but not as smooth and flavorful. The 3 star is just pure brown sugar :) a tip: if you can get to Puerto Rico, go visit the distillery. You can get this one for a very reasonable price there.

Brand Details

Name: 3 Star
Company: Ron Del Barrilito
Type: Aged
Distillation: Unknown
ABV: 40.0%