Blackheart Premium Spiced rum

Blackheart Premium Spiced

Virgin Islands, U.S. | Spiced

65 ratings
Easily consumable in a bind

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65 Blackheart Premium Spiced ratings

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Remy Chevalier 🇺🇸 | 34 ratings
Posted almost 10 years ago

Strong, sweet vanilla taste... more like a coconut rum. Great with pineapple juice. Not a high end brand, but the bottle art is rad. A fun rum.

Skulman 🇺🇸 | 117 ratings
Posted almost 10 years ago

Another spiced rum

Skeelos 🇺🇸 | 28 ratings
Posted almost 9 years ago

Goes well with Coke and Juice. Smooth taste and aroma.

Tim 🇺🇸 | 11 ratings
Posted over 8 years ago


lmolinajr 🇺🇸 | 17 ratings
Posted over 8 years ago

This is great with coke...a nice vanilla and to me i taste a sweet cherry flavor.

Sammie 🇺🇸 | 15 ratings
Posted 8 years ago

Another review from my blog...edited for length and content and formatted to fit your screen...

The black cherry and vanilla so many reviewers went on and on about is not very strong at all when sipped. This rum is far from overly sweet. Is Blackheart sweet? Yes there is some sweetness. There are some very cherry notes hiding in the mix. The cherry is more noticeable when mixed with cola than sipped on the rocks. The spices in Blackheart are fairly subdued. There is no peppery heat to speak off. It comes out very Dr Pepperish on it’s own and even more when mixed with cola. i like to do my tasting neat or on the rocks and that is mainly what i am doing with Blackheart. There is a little bitterness lingering in the finish along with a subtle vanilla taste. Afterall Blackheart IS 93 proof! At the same time there really isn’t much burn at all. Honestly there is surprisingly little burn considering Blackheart is 46.5% alcohol.

I think Blackheart is okay as a sipper but nothing special. It is good though. Blackheart shines in any version of a rum and Coke. Because of the bitter tail i would avoid Diet Pepsi with Blackheart Spiced Rum. Stick to the regular non diet versions of your favorite cola with this rum. Blackheart is an ok sipper but there are far better….and FAR worse. Mixed with Coke Blackheart is stellar!

In the end i’ll leave you with these wise words in regards to Blackheart Spiced Rum “I’m a pepper,he’s a pepper, she’s a pepper,we’re a pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too?” Come on, sing along!

DelectaBlee 🇺🇸 | 59 ratings
Posted 8 years ago

Now that I've tried other spiced rums, I've lowered this rating a notch, but I'd probably rate it 5.5 if I could. This has a mix of sweet spices without an underlying industrial off taste. It has a noticeable cherry flavor when mixed with Coke, but there are other spiced rums I like better.

chad 🇺🇸 | 17 ratings
Posted almost 8 years ago

Being a rum lover and more so with Spiced Rum. I was abit unsure about Blackheart. Its priced in my area at around 17 dollars bit have to admit the packaging is attractive. Featuring a pirate lass just asking you to taste her rum. So of course I had to indulge. The aroma is to me strong and lasting. With a combination one comes to expect with spiced rum. When i swirled it in my glass it showcased some nice legs. Then upon first taste i was a bit unprepared by how much I enjoyed it

B 🇺🇸 | 23 ratings
Posted over 7 years ago

I couldn't find anyone to GIVE THIS TO FOR FREE. Maaaaan was this bad.

mistercoughy 🇺🇸 | 239 ratings
Posted almost 7 years ago

Junk rum, bought in bulk and flavored with chemicals. I don't know who is more dangerous, the people who make this crap or the people who review it without irony as if it were a quality product. Gak.

Brand Details

Name: Premium Spiced
Company: Blackheart
Type: Spiced
Distillation: Unknown