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Chairman’s Reserve Legacy 5-8 Years rum

Chairman’s Reserve Legacy 5-8 Years

Saint Lucia | Aged | 43% ABV | Pot and Column Still

65 ratings
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65 Chairman’s Reserve Legacy 5-8 Years Ratings

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Harrie 🇳🇱 | 91 ratings
Posted over 3 years ago

The new release from SLD and it appears it is going to stay, so not a limited edition. I paid just a little less than for the 'Forgotten Casks' and this seems a much more logical rum to fill the gap between the 'Original' and the Chairman's Reserve 1931.

Just like the 1931 this has both pot and column still rums, both from molasses and sugarcane (agricole) and just like with the 1931 they made it work beautifully. Bottled at 43% ABV this is in my opinion a truly great extension of the Chairman's Reserve line-up.

Intense nose with baking spices, lots of fruit (pear, pineapple, passion fruit), resin, vanilla, caramel and oak. Grassy notes from the agricole part are noticable as well.

On the palate pretty complex, though less so than the 1931, with funky citrus (red oranges), sweet resin and lots of floral and fruity notes. The grassy notes give a crisp and fresh flavour with a minty part. Liquorice, salted caramel, a bit of chocolate and a mouthfull of spices in the pretty long finish.

One of the 'problems' with the Chairman's Reserve line-up is that the 'Original' is so good for so little money that the other expressions might seem overpriced (which they are not) but there is no doubt for me here; this one can easily measure with rums like MGXO, Appleton's 12yo and other real premiums in the budget category. For those who like the 'Original' but not so much the 'Forgotten Casks'; get a bottle of this stuff ASAP!

Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) 🇸🇪 | 523 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Visited Stockholm’s greatest Rum bar, Cane Rum Society. It’s said that they have around 1500 different bottles.
The first one on my table was a Legacy.
The rum comes from 4 different distillates that vary in age from 5 to 8 years all aged in ex bourbon barrels. Most of rum is molasses based and comes from column stills, but there are also some pot still rum of which a little part is cane juice based.
On the nose it’s powerful, sweet, fruity and floral. I can recognize toffee, vanilla and hints of nuts, spices and tropical fruits.
On the palate it’s spicy and floral and even it’s a long time ago it reminds me of the “Original”, but even better. Besides the above mentioned flavors I can detect tobacco and oak.
The finish is quite long and goes on the same way.
Overall I must say that it’s a very good rum with rather high complexity and I think I will increase my Rumbar with it.
Picture: The poured glass and the bottle at the bar.

Jagsroy (PREMIUM) 🇨🇦 | 287 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

On to my fourth Chairman’s Reserve rum, this time the “Legacy”. I’ve read good reviews on the Legacy, hence my acquiring a bottle. Having sampled its older brother earlier I see a lot of resemblance between this and the “1931”. Same funky smell and taste, reminding me somewhat of Appleton 12 but with its distinct characteristics. Definitely a good sipping rum and extremely hard to get in my area. Will buy a few more of these whenever the occasion arises.

Leo 🇬🇷 | 15 ratings
Posted 2 years ago

It is very light, aromatic, exotic and sensual to drink. The hidden spank of the agricole is a real marvel to behold, to feel, to taste. Could use some extra aging and maybe, port cask time, too. I drank it neat, but i am tempted to try a coctail or two next time, especially since the distilleries' website recommends and advertises some really mouthwatering ones! Not for the people who haven't developed their tastebuds, or prefer sweetened rums.

Kieron wood 🇬🇧 | 621 ratings
Posted 1 year ago

This hands down is one of the best value for money rums on the market .
A special-edition rum from Chairman's Reserve, Legacy celebrates the distillery's founder Laurie Bernard and honours his method of blending spirits from different types of stills and casks.
Tasting notes

Nielf 🇩🇰 | 211 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

Meget fin rom som smager og dufter af rom. Jow deeeet.

O'Neill 🇨🇿 | 62 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

Very fruity and fresh rum. Aroma is delicate with some wooden tones and mainly fresh fruits. Taste is the same - fresh fruits and something like mineral water. I like this one very much and It's excellent choice in this price cathegory.

Russ 🇺🇸 | 148 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

I've always liked Chairman's Reserve but have never really liked it the ways other seem to but after drinking this bottle I'm a convert.

The nose is sweet but not too sweet. The first taste is more complex than I had anticipated with hints of floral and spice as well as some vanilla. Further sips brought even more flavors of tobacco and cinnamon.

I will definitely put this in my regular rotation!

wayoutwest 🇬🇧 | 102 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

An intriguing balance of flavours. Lighter high notes of brown sugar, a rich subtle sweetness overlaying some grassy notes and the influence of the casks.
Long finish ,with grass on the tip of my tongue.

This one intrigues me. So glad I saw a review in the feed the other day, and took a punt.
As a beginner, I'm just moving out beyond the bone dry, towards the some less dry rums I find this a little challenging, difficult to describe. There's a lot going on. Really like the added complexity the agricole in the mix brings.

Subtle wood, not too dry. Something a bit different. Definitely the oddest rum I've yet had. Overall a high 6

Mujuru 🇺🇸 | 153 ratings
Posted 3 years ago

This is my first experience with a St. Lucian rum. I was originally going to hold out for a long aged Hamilton St. Lucia, but 2 things happened: the price of those skyrocketed and simultaneously the positive reviews of this rum started appearing. After a price comparison and availability comparison I decided to take a chance on this rum for my first St. Lucia experience. So how did I do? Let’s find out.

This rum is a mix of pot and column still distillates from molasses. It is aged in oak for an unstated amount of time (I am going to guess from the experience around 2-3 years but someone is free to correct me), and then bottled at 43%.

For a rum at 43% this is extremely fruity, like putting your nose in a fresh fruit basket. The pot still influence comes through clearly and reminds me of a smoother and very slightly toned down version of Smith & Cross. It has a lovely funk to it that is somewhere between Hampden and TCRL Fiji. Breaking the nose down gives me an interesting set of notes that form a delightful combination. I get ripe pear, ripe custard apple (a tropical fruit in the soursop family that is sweet and creamy, and happens to be my favorite of all fruits), coconut (faintly), then a bum rush of caramel covered apples followed by milk chocolate and the unique smell of fresh, uncooked maple sap (if you have ever been to a maple syrup farm and smelled the sap before it is boiled down into the syrup, that is the last and powerful note on the nose here).

Taking a sip this quickly exceeds expectations. In some ways that reminds me of Hamilton Jamaican Black in that what it promises on the nose it delivers in spades on the palate. The first sip brings in that pungent fruit basket note in full glory. It’s very lovely and very well done. I get caramel covered apples, ripe pear, oranges, more custard apple and coconut all in an exceedingly smooth and creamy presentation. I am rather impressed. This has both funk and class. Like if Hampden estate, Doorly’s, and Appleton got together and collabbed to produce a sipping rum at 43%. It’s got that Hampden funk, that caramel covered fruit of Foursquare, and that Appleton 12 Rare cask smoothness to it. I am not disappointed.

The finish is a little short but mostly mirrors the palate until the back end where I get new notes of Pine nuts, mineral water, and just the slightest of bitterness.

All in all this exceeds expectations. It delights and brings the funk while not stripping layers off your esophagus. It is fruity, funky, and smooth. Unfortunately, it is not quite as lasting as I would like, but that can be remedied by simply taking another sip. In total this is a great addition to the cabinet and at $40 definitely a repeat buy. Well done Mr. Chairman. You have created a fine legacy.

Short Description: If Hampden, Doorly’s, and Appleton collaborated to produce a fine sipping rum at 43%. Funky yet classy.

Nose: Extremely fruity, ripe pear, custard apple, faint coconut, strong caramel apple, chocolate, uncooked maple sap,

Palate: More pungent fruit, lovely, caramel apples, pear, oranges, custard apple, caramel covered apples, hints of coconut, creamy and very smooth on the tongue

Finish: short/medium, caramel, custard apple, apples, pine nuts, long afterwards a mineral water and slight bitterness

Country of Origin: St. Lucia

Distillery: St. Lucia Distillers

ABV: 43%