Hampden Estate Great House Distillery 2020 Edition rum

Hampden Estate Great House Distillery 2020 Edition

Jamaica | Aged | 59.0% ABV | Pot Still Distilled

35 ratings
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35 Hampden Estate Great House Distillery 2020 Edition ratings

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Michal Ernest 🇨🇿 | 137 ratings
Posted 6 days ago

Rum jsem objednal na základě recenzí na internetu, kde byl jen chválen. Přesto, že rumy z Jamajky moc nemusím, u tohoto rumu jsem čekal na druhou ochutnávku, abych mohl napsat jak mi chutná. Při první ochutnávce nic moc, ale dnes cítím ovocnou sladkost a trochu technických chutí s typickou chutí jamajských rumů . chuť a vůni zatuchlé trávy. Tato kombinace je ve výsledku docela lahodná a začíná mi chutnat víc a víc.

MattS 🇺🇸 | 11 ratings
Posted 17 days ago

The complexity of this Hampden is something special. I've had 3 ~2oz pours from my bottle so far and seem to pick up something different every time. A bit challenging if you aren't used to sipping higher proof spirits, but well worth giving it a go.

abrarey 🇺🇸 | 62 ratings
Posted 27 days ago

I got this on a sample kit.
Dark caramel color.
Nose: Fruits (banana, mango, pineapple) some vanilla.
Taste: More fruits, tobacco, and allspice.
The ending is quite prolonged and bitter like dark chocolate and some lingering herbal notes.
Really good balance of funkiness. I love this expression.

Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 205 ratings
Posted 3 months ago

The Hampden Great House 2020 comes from Jamaica and is the annual edition of the distillery. It is an 80/20 blend of OWH 2013 and <>H 2017. The pot style rum was bottled at a cask strength of 59% alcohol with no additives. There are 5800 bottles of this limited edition.

The nose promises a well balanced classic Hampden. Lots of candied banana, fermented tropical fruits, light solvent notes, caramel and a certain palatable note make the nose attractive and inviting. The blend surprised me on the palate. It's amazingly flavorful and dry. In addition to the banana and the ester, the blend shows a peppery spiciness and bitterness. The rum is quite creamy and buttery. I notice caramel and orange peel. The rum is strong, but the alcohol is excellently integrated. The finish is dry, astringent, with tannins and the ester lingers for a long time.

Not a classic Hampden for me, as it shows a lot of barrel influence on the palate and the strong spice surprised me. I like the 2021more. But overall very tasty. The rum has a great nose and is very versatile and complex on the palate. The funk just gets lost a little here. The finish is incredibly long and wonderful if you like ester.

Der Hampden Great House 2020 kommt aus Jamaica und ist die Jahresedition der Distillery. Es ist ein 80 zu 20 Blend aus OWH 2013 und <>H 2017. Der im Pot Still hergestellte Rum wurde in einer Fassstärke von 59% Alkohol ohne Zusatzstoffe abgefüllt. Es gibt 5800 Flaschen von dieser limitierten Edition.

Die Nase verspricht einen gut ausbalancierten klasischen Hampden. Viel kandierte Banane, vergorene tropische Früchte, leichte Lösungsmittel Noten, Karamel und eine gewisse süffige Note machen die Nase attraktiv und einladend. Am Gaumen hat mich der Blend dann doch überrascht. Er ist direkt erstaunlich würzig und trocken. Neben der Banane und dem Ester zeigt der Blend eine pfeffrige Schärfe und Bitterstoffe. Dabei ist der Rum durchaus cremig und buttrig. Karamel und Orangenschalen nehme ich war. Der Rum ist kräftig der Alkohol aber hervoragend eingebunden. Der Abgang ist trocken, astringend, mit Tanninen und der Ester bleibt lange bestehen.

Für mich kein klasischer Hampden, da er am Gaumen viel Fasseinfluss zeigt und die starke Würze mich überrascht hat. Mir gefällt der 2021 deutlich besser. Vielleicht auch die Tagesform. Insgesamt aber trotzdem sehr lecker. Der Rum hat eine tolle Nase und ist sehr vielseitig und komplex am Gaumen. Hier geht der Funk nur ein wenig verloren. Der Abgang ist unglaulich lang und wunderbar.

Waly Vega 🇺🇸 | 26 ratings
Posted 3 months ago

Not my favorite, but not the worst. Agrícole, good finish and end… very strong middle paled. Cheers!

Alas 🇵🇷 | 196 ratings
Posted 3 months ago

A more grassy/slight funkier worthy park jamaica. Nose is only slight funk on nose but then as the rum vapor seeps into your mouth you can inhale the light grass notes and the finish is a pleasant peppery burn. Quite smooth for a +50%abv.

Gastovski (PREMIUM) 🇨🇿 | 192 ratings
Posted 4 months ago

Aroma: Výrazné a pronikavé - spousta šťavnatého tropického ovoce (banán, ananas, mango), rozkvetlé květiny, med. Na pozadí tóny lepidla a gumy.
Chuť: Petrolejová, šťavnatě ovocná, trpká a svíravá.
Dozvuk: Mirabelky, špendlíky, tinktura, závan jódu a sušené ovoce. Dlouhý.
Sladkost: 0/3
Celá lahev
Porovnával jsem s GH 2021, který byl lehce odlišný - jemnější a sladší. Oba v konečném výsledku hodnotím shodně 9/10.

Captain_Tyson 🇺🇸 | 94 ratings
Posted 4 months ago

This is very very good but after having the LROK and Overproof this Great House kind of gets lost. A smidge overpriced for what you get, IMO. Still love everything Hampden puts out.

Kychy28 🇺🇸 | 25 ratings
Posted 5 months ago

9.00/10 at first sip I wasn't captivated but after allowing some time to open up, it proved to be an exquisite blend that really does showcase how great Hampden's product is.

Mujuru 🇺🇸 | 119 ratings
Posted 6 months ago

This rum is a mix of 80% 2013 vintage OWH rum, and 20% high ester 2017 vintage double retort pot still rum from Hampden Distillery in Jamaica bottled at 59% ABV. All rums were tropically aged on-site in Jamaica. It’s basically a Hampden Estate special house blend created unknowingly for the year the world went to hell in a hand basket.

On the nose I get a strong waft of ripe Fuji Apples akin to right after you take a big bite and the freshly opened apple is right in your face. After that however the remaining notes are present but more muted. After the fresh “in your face” Fuji apple subsides I get grilled pineapple, slight modelers glue, overripe banana, slight mineral spirits (lacquer thinner). Then black cherry, a faint note of strawberry syrup and pencil shavings. The notes after the ripe Fuji apple notes are slightly more muted than I expected from a tropical aged Hampden, but it’s a good combination.

The palate on this rum is a beast, in all the right ways - it’s like riding a pet Rancor. Taking a sip the palate absolutely explodes in flavor starting with a deep rich purple grape juice note (Hampden Grape Drank, lol). Next comes rich Fuji apples like on the nose, accompanied by strawberry syrup, the distinct flavor of apple chunks floating in sangria, followed by grilled pineapple. Finally, a Hampden rum that delivers on the palate in spades what is promised on the nose. The palate on this rum is stellar. It is deep, rich, fruity and exactly what is promised minus some of the industrial-ish notes (but that is a positive here). I am very pleasantly surprised by the palate here. Bravo Hampden, you finally did it.

Unfortunately, and quite surprisingly, the finish on this rum is quite basic and exceedingly short. I get air dried apple slices and pencil shaving that last for mere seconds afterwards. That’s disappointing, but damn the palate is so good I can forgive this somewhat.

This is definitely the best Hampden rum I have had yet, despite its flaws. Yes the nose is muted and yes the finish is oddly and disappointingly short…but hot damn the palate on this rum is good. The palate is downright excellent. In fact it’s so excellent it makes me forget my nagging complaints about the nose and the finish.

Further more, the more I sip on this rum the more I love it. Are y’all really going to make me crack open my investment rum? On a Hampden? Hmmm, maybe. This specific Hampden might well be worth it. Color me surprised. This is what I have long wanted from Hampden but haven’t yet gotten until now: a deep rich fruity funky rum that delivers on the palate exactly that which is promised on the nose. If Hampden can repeat *this experience* I will become a fan.

Short Description: Finally a Hampden rum that delivers in the palate all the fruity funky goodness promised on the nose.

Nose: Ripe Fuji Apple, grilled pineapple, slight hint of modelers glue, overripe banana, slight mineral spirits, dark cherries, faint hint of strawberry syrup, pencil shavings

Palate: Deep rich grape juice, fresh fuji apples, strawberry, apple chunks in sangria, slight grilled pineapple

Finish: short, dried apple slices, pencil

ABV 59%

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Distillery: Hampden Estate, Trelawny