Worthy Park 2013 Special Cask Series Quatre Vins Finish 6-Year rum

Worthy Park 2013 Special Cask Series Quatre Vins Finish 6-Year

Jamaica | Aged | 60.0% ABV | Pot Still Distilled

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5 Worthy Park 2013 Special Cask Series Quatre Vins Finish 6-Year Ratings

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Gastovski (PREMIUM) 🇨🇿 | 388 ratings
Posted 2 months ago

Rum destilovaný v roce 2013 zrál 4 roky v sudech po bourbonu a poté ještě 2 roky dozrával ve 4 různých sudech po víně (Monbazillac, Sauternes, Moscatel a Jurancon).
Vyrobeno bylo 1318 lahví.
Aroma: Ostré a pronikavé - přezrálé tropické ovoce (ananas, banány, pomeranče), med, travnatost a znatelná ovíněnost připomínající lesní ovoce.
Chuť: Trpce ovocná, lehce medová, štiplavá.
Dozvuk: Travnatost, bylinky, stopa dezinfekce a ovíněnost přecházející do sušeného ovoce. Dlouhý.
Sladkost: 0/3
Celá lahev
Klasicky vynikající WP se zjemňujícím vínovým profilem.

Michal Micko (PREMIUM) 🇨🇿 | 634 ratings
Posted almost 2 years ago

Aroma is nice, full of fruits, flowers and honey. Taste is warm and smooth (you would not guess the 52%) sweet tones, but not sugar. Average aftertaste with wood and leather.

Captain Lee 🇺🇸 | 25 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Jamaica, Worthy Park Estate, 100% Pot Still, distilled 2013, 52% ABV
Aged 4 years in Jamaica, then finished in Moscatel, Sauternes, Monbazillac, and Jurancon casks for an additional 2 years
It may be the power of suggestion, but I definitely feel like I can get a hint of the white wine finishes in the nose and in the finish on the palate. The Jamaican funk is present but restrained, and overall this is tasty but not spectacular. I think there is probably a reason that white wine finishes are not common. I look forward to trying the WP Single Estate 12 year.

filipec 🇨🇿 | 249 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

taste - 9/10
smell - 8/10
sweetness - 7/10
price/value rating - 6/10

Immiketoo 🇬🇷 | 60 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

I love Jamaican pot distilled rums. Whether it’s Appleton Estate or worthy Park Single Estate rum, there’s a distinct flavor that I enjoy. Funk, I guess. It makes me feel as if I’m somehow drinking more authentic rum.

I love Worthy Park’s single estate rum with its complex, spicy and peppery flavors floating over the Jamaican funk and the grassy aftertaste.

Quatre Vins (four wines) has that funk, and the nose shows promise of complex sweetness on top of that. There is a strong tangy Wine note with the funk.

On the palate, it starts just like their single estate and the funk and some spice comes through. Then, there’s some smoothness that I attribute to the wine cask finishes, but, and it’s a big one, it falls flat afterward.

The wine notes clash with the funk and leave an overall sense of disappointment with a bad aftertaste.

Much like the Papa’s Pilar Sherry cask finish, it tries too hard to be special, losing in the process what made it special to begin with.

I very much enjoy other wine cask finish rums, like the real McCoy Madeira or any number of Foursquare wine cask finishes, but the strong Jamaican funk underlying the wine finish just isn’t for me.

Your mileage may vary, but I’d recommend trying this at the bar before buying a bottle.