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Appleton Estate Rare Casks 12-Year rum

Appleton Estate Rare Casks 12-Year

Jamaica | Aged

44 ratings
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44 Appleton Estate Rare Casks 12-Year ratings

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Posted 1 year ago by Jagsroy (PREMIUM) from Canada with 190 ratings

Thought I would try the new Appleton Estate Reserve 8 Yr & Appleton Rare Casks 12 yr Rums recently released from Jamaica. I was really surprised with the younger rum which I find even better than the Older version of the Appleton Rare Blend 12 yr version and Its quality is definitely worthy of being drank neat. The new version of the 12 year (Rare Casks) is also much better than the older version and in my opinion both dessrve a “9” rating.

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Posted 8 months ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 327 ratings

I thought this was the 12 year rare blend repackaged but this is something new. Nice fruit forward banana notes, with mild spiciness. Lots of depth with just the right amount of Hogo. Blindfold me and I know it Jamaica and Appleton. I give this a notch up from the 12 year rare blend. Great rum in the $40 range not too sweet like ElDorado US concoctions.


Posted 5 months ago by Yohobro from Canada with 25 ratings

($36CAD) This is one of the new bottles of the 12 year and I have to comment on the bottle itself. I’ve never been so pumped about a rum before actually tasting it. Everything about the presentation is pleasing to me. The bottle has a sleek yet funky design. The black label fits nicely with the darker color of rum. The cork has both wood and gold color in it, it’s all very easy on the eyes. Very well done, presentation-wise.
To the rum! 43% abv and a full 750mL bottle.
Nice and dark. Smells like bananas a bit, maybe some tropical fruits; pineapple?
The taste is nice, a bit of sweetness up front with fruit and then oak and tobacco or leather. Then it settles into the heat.
This is a damn near perfect rum. It looks amazing, the taste is fantastically complex yet smooth. The real kicker for me is the price: what value! If I had known I would love it this much, I would’ve bought more while it was on sale. This has become a staple for me and very well could be my favourite at the moment. Well done Appleton Estate!


Posted 5 months ago by chrisonmyface from United States with 4 ratings

This was the first rum I spent more than 20 bucks on and I didn’t know what to expect really. It’s smooth, not over powering, and has a nice subtle banana taste. You can smell the banana when you open it but it’s subtle as far as the actual taste goes. Worth the money. It’s not the best I’ve ever had but I’d probly look at someone funny if they had any real problem with its level of quality. If you want a solid rum to try that’s not going to put you in the poor house, it’s a good one.


Posted 24 days ago by chasles22 (PREMIUM) from United States with 56 ratings

This is a rum i would not have understood or maybe appreciated a few years ago. I love the higher alcohol expressions but have come around to the grassy funk of Jamaica. This was a surprise as sometimes I think the Appleton are a bit too much alcohol bite and one dimensional but this was a lovely complex rum with grass, burnt salt sugar, banana bread and a lovely soft sweet finish.

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Posted 1 month ago by WisconsinRumRunner from United States with 1 rating

1st review.
Nose: Sweetness, vanilla, and caramel
Taste: Lots of vanilla and some caramel
Feel: Smooth on the tongue, full in the whole mouth, slightest burn in the throat.
Overall: Leaves a good aftertaste that lingers in the mouth. Definitely too good to be a mixer at my bar.


Posted 3 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 392 ratings

The rare cask is better than the old extra version.
It has more orange zests, this makes it more complex and fruitier. It's not a fruity funky rum like Hampden, Appleton is always a woody juice with strong cask influece.

Smell: dry fruits, orange zests, some caramel, strong barrel/wood (oak) influence. I noticed also some vanilla from the Bourbon cask.

Taste: dry fruits and orange zests first, some burned sugar, wood and bourbon cask aromas, also vanilla, slightly spiciness at 43%.
Nice fruity aftertaste with woody cask aromas

Conclusion: It's an every day sipper like MG XO.
Not very complex but still good for the pice.
Overall rating: 81 points

Sweetness: 1.5/5
Spicy: 2.5/5
Fruit: 2/5
Mildness: 3/5
Complexity: 3.5/5
Value (24€): 4.5/5
Expert level: amateur - professional


Posted 8 months ago by keithfoster00 from Canada with 9 ratings

I’m loving the new tastes of this 12 year now that the new master distiller is in charge.


Posted 6 days ago by pgrace (PREMIUM) from United States with 40 ratings

Good rhum. Classic from Jamaica.

This is what you want to use and in old school mai tai.
Aged well and just enough grassy funk


Posted 6 days ago by liamhansen10 from Canada with 13 ratings

One of my go-to rums, definitely worth trying if you haven't already. Features fragrant sweet notes of vanilla, molasses and fruit, without any added sugar.