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Clairin Le Rocher Ansyen 21-Month rum

Clairin Le Rocher Ansyen 21-Month

Haiti | Aged

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Absolute taste perfection

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Mujuru 🇺🇸 | 153 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

A unicorn! I was finally able to obtain a sample of this unicorn through the generosity u/anonmarmot here on this sub. I deeply appreciate your generosity. I tried to find a bottle of this for a very long time.

This is an aged Clairin, a small production Haitian pot still Rhum made from fresh pressed sugar cane juice. This started out from the famous Clairin Le Rocher, which was then tropically aged in ex-rum barrels for 21 months and bottled at 45.4% ABV.

I am just going to say this upfront: the nose on this rum is flat out amazing, like up there with the best noses I have *ever* experienced on a rum. I am going to run out of superlatives but “mind blowing” is not really an over statement here. It is deep, rich, complex, intense, and fascinating.

Taking it in from the Glencairn I get deep, intensely rich buttered Caramel, Spanish Liqueur Chocolates, and a deep rich rum note like that on Foursquare 2007. But I am just getting started. Next comes creamy hot chocolate, Vanilla Yogurt, ripe Pineapple, Coffee with cream, and just the slightest hint of Kalmata Olives. The notes are intense, rich, and creamy.

The palate is almost equally amazing. Taking a sip I get a mouth of sweet Tawny Port and Riesling followed by the fascinating woodsmoke and honey baked ham notes found on this Rhum’s unaged version. The palate finishes with a glorious intense note of one of my fondest memories of living in Germany: Black currant juice. Wow! What a combination! And it works together amazingly well. The palate is rich, sweet, and hard candy like despite this Rhum not containing any additives whatsoever. In that respect it is quite similar to my experience with Probitas/Veritas.

The finish is medium in length and picks up where the palate leaves off. On the finish I get Black Currant juice, Spanish Liqueur Chocolates, Chocolate Milk, oak, and wet rocks like you are drinking from a mountain stream at the source.

This is an absolutely lovely rum. It is every bit as good as the reviews on here claim it is. I really have to find a full bottle of this. This somehow takes the amazing Clairin Le Rocher as it is and somehow improves on it.

Again thank you so much u/anonmarmot for this fantastic experience!

Short Description: Imagine a fantastic pot still rum made from fresh pressed sugar cane, now age it for the *perfect* amount of time in rum and tawny Port casks.

Nose: Deep Buttered Caramel, Spanish Liquor Chocolates, Classic Rum note, Hot chocolate, Vanilla Yogurt, hint of Kalmata Olive, Pineapple, coffee with cream

Palate: Porto, Riesling, woodsmoke, Honey Baked Ham, Black Currant juice,

Finish: Black Currant juice, Spanish Liqueur chocolate, Chocolate Milk, oak, wet rocks

ABV 45.4%

Country of Origin: Haiti

Distillery: Le Rocher

Brand Details

Type: Aged
Company: Clairin
Country: Haiti
Name: Le Rocher Ansyen 21-Month
Raw Material: Unknown
Process: Unknown
Distillation: Unknown
Women Led: No
1. Chips Liquor