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Wray & Nephew White Overproof rum

Wray & Nephew White Overproof

Jamaica | Overproof

199 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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199 Wray & Nephew White Overproof ratings

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Posted 21 hours ago by ScottN from United States with 22 ratings

This is one of the standards for funky rums. That grassy funk is great on it's own or combined with other rums in mixed drinks. Maybe not best on it's own, but definitely something good and different in mixers, cocktails or punch.

Posted 10 days ago by Justinharp from United States with 28 ratings

Rotten bananas, viscous and funk. I don’t have much use for this one!

Posted 13 days ago by don from Canada with 12 ratings

Great rum for mixing.👍👍👍.A bit of coke and some orange bitters their is nothing better 👍👍👍.Use caution

Posted 18 days ago by Marnellp from United States with 6 ratings

Don't turn you nose up at this unaged ovenproof rum. This is magic in a bottle. This ain't for frat boys slam shots (like Bacardi 151 back in the day).

Terroir; this is what Jamaica tastes like.

This stuff is funkier than Bootsy Collins drinking a funk-shake that he millked of some freaky funk-ball.

Drink it with a little water if it is too hot for you. A few drops opens it up nicely.

A 1/4 Oz in a cocktail will bring the funk to any drink.

Posted 2 months ago by WW from Netherlands with 43 ratings

The reviews about the full flavour made me curious. Tot bad it's a flavour i don't like, in general i like overpeoof rums.

Posted 2 months ago by Krustyfats from United States with 34 ratings

This is a noteworthy bottle to have and a conversation piece for friends and guests, but I don't touch it a lot. To be honest I'll take a bottle of Rum Fire before this, but that's like comparing sitting on 100 pounds of dynamite vs. 110 pounds of dynamite, lighting the fuse, and expecting a different result. I just like the funk of Rum Fire a little better, but they have the same purpose; To blow you off our ass in funk and strength. For me Rum Fire, and WR and used as a condiment in certain drinks. Not a sipper, and not a base mixer although I have not tried a Wray in Ting yet.

Posted 2 months ago by Deeflux from United Kingdom with 41 ratings

It's become pretty standard tipple at my local now. Very strong , mixes well and pack's a punch.

Posted 2 months ago by RumRenton from United Kingdom with 4 ratings

A very, very strong drop. Have a shot on its own and you will know about it for the next hour! With a mixer a nice drop

Posted 2 months ago by hopsquatch from United States with 5 ratings

I’m not one for white, or, unaged rums. But uncharacteristically, I found myself on the precipice of being my wife’s in-home rum expert for a Halloween party punch. Naturally, Jamaican is my punch go-to. But to please an uneducated rum palate, and still make a party-pleasing, “boozy punch”, my first to mind is the legendary J Wray white. Hit the mark, nice added funk, strong drink.

Posted 3 months ago by snowdaytoday from United States with 3 ratings

Personally did not enjoy but its useful for cocktails due to proof, not saying its bad just not for me flavor wise.Try it you never know what you'll like.