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Bacardi Limon rum

Bacardi Limon

Puerto Rico | Flavored | 40.0% ABV

119 ratings
Serious improvement needed


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119 Bacardi Limon ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by Anthony C from United States with 161 ratings

Seriously.... pretty decent citrus rum for all of you mixers or rum bucket fans.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 304 ratings

Simple: pass on this a decent white rum and squeeze some real citrus into it. Much better than Bacardi Limon.

[NOTE: I am bummed out to finish the evening with something as crappy as this.]

Posted over 5 years ago by Patrick from Canada with 30 ratings

This must be the worst Rum I have ever had........

Posted 6 years ago by Remy from Netherlands with 42 ratings

Terrible, even when mixed with coke. chemical taste

Posted 6 years ago by mistercoughy from United States with 239 ratings

There is no reason on earth to drink this. You will be a MUCH happier person by using better rum and freshly-squeezed lemon juice, plus whatever else you want to add. This stuff is anti-rum.

Posted over 6 years ago by Kenneth Olesen from Denmark with 77 ratings

Bad... Very bad. For mixing only, and even there its semi-bad. Can sometimes work in the right enviroment (Summer) with cola and lots of ice!
But not for anything else, call it summer-rum studies-rum youth-rum whatever you want.. Just dont call it RUM :-)

Posted 7 months ago by Don from Canada with 159 ratings

I had the chance to try this over ice. It smelled and tasted like Sprite with lemon /lime flavour. I found it able to be sipped straight although the others made Caesars with it , saying that they were quite good.

Posted 10 months ago by KINhuna from United States with 11 ratings

BOMBED its taste test. Was looking for something refreshing. Burial At Sea pending.

Posted 4 years ago by Ronald from Netherlands with 18 ratings

These kind of drinks don't belong in this place. Get something else.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 496 ratings

I found the lemon flavor in this rum to be a bit on the tart side, maybe even slightly bitter too. It tasted kind of like real lemon, but I don't think that works with rum. It's not terrible, but not as good as other rums out there. Could be a decent mixer, but that's not how I rate rums.

Posted over 6 years ago by Earl Elliott from Canada with 205 ratings

Sugar: 50 gpl. I tried it neat and it was okay as a dare, but I immediately searched for something to mix it with. Tried soda but that was too blah, so I tried Tonic water with a slice of lemon, and it was okay. Then I tried it with a bit of lemonade and a lot of ice and it was quite decent on a hot day in New York.