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RumRatings launched in early 2013 and quickly grown to a Rumbase of over 4000 rums, 9000 members, and 30,000 ratings.

The site is a labor of love created by it's founder Andy - who has personally paid for the site's development out of his love for rum. All financial support is reinvested back into the site's development.

There are a few ways to support RumRatings:

Advertise - RumRatings receives 500,000 hits each month with exposure to over 100,000 unique users. The site has been designed to easily insert and track graphic links which can be sponsored. Any company that sponsors graphic links can also be promoted through RumRating's social channels.

Affiliates - All 4000 rums listed on the site have a 'buy' button, which can be promoted by an online vendor. All buy button clicks are tracked, with an estimated 10-20 clicks each month per promoted rum.

Donate - I spend over 20 hours each month improving RumRatings and adding rums - which I don't plan on ever being paid for. All donations will go towards the great developers I use to keep adding the functionality users request.

Please contact Andy via andy (at) rumratings (dot) com if you'd like to advertise on RumRatings or for more information.

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