Puerto Rico Rum Festival 2023

Puerto Rico Rum Festival 2023 cover image

Date and Time

25th Mar 2023 17:00 - 23:00


Bahía Urbana
San Juan, Puerto Rico


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A) Music: During the entire show we have live performances ranging from American Classic Rock tribute bands,  Spanish rock bands, Salsa bands, and batucada shows. 
B) Rum: Taste of Rums is focused on promoting the local rum industry. Attendees will be able to enjoy over 12 different rum brands made in the island of Puerto Rico. 18+ locations (booths) will be pouring rum by either the local rum companies or by the staff of famous local bars. 
C) Education: The event will have an educational tent. Master Classes will be offered thru out the day. (Limited space) 
D) Arts & Craft: Local artists will be selling arts & crafts. 
E) Food: Over 8+ restaurants will be selling food. Expect to pay around $6.00 per serving size.
F) Other beverages: Cold & hot beverages will be offered for hydration (Until it last)