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Velier is an Italian rum brand that has created many other labels including Caroni, Clairin, Diamond, Port Mourant, Papalin, Albion. Most of these names come from the distillery where the casks were found. In many cases, Velier is selecting rums from Demerara, the rum region from Guyana (most of them belonging to Distiller El Dorado). Created by Luca Gargano, Velier is currently working on another project in Marie Galante: "Rhum Rhum" agricole rums with Gianni Capovilla. They already created to aged rums, "Liberation 2010" and "Liberation 2012" that I hope to be able to taste very soon at the Paris Rum Fest in April this year.

Small uf30e 1985 rum
Small uf30e port mourant 1997 rum
Small velier 1972 port mourant 36 year
Small uf30e 1991 rum
Small uf30e enmore 1990 rum 400px b