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Deadhead® Rum is born from a blend of pure sugarcane juice and rich molasses grown in privately owned plantations by Rones de México, a family owned distillery located in the first sugar mill in the state of Chiapas, México. Rones de México has been producing premium rum and aguardiente since 1948. This third generation owned and operated rum distillery has won dozen of international medals. In fact, it has the most awarded rums in México and the only rums that have been given an international award in the history of the American Rum Industry. On the south bank of the Usumacinta River in Chiapas, Mexico is Yaxchilán, the site of a significant Maya center dating back to the Classic period (250-900 C.E.). Many of the buildings stand today with carved stone lintels that have scenes representing the capture of sacrificial victims and shrunken heads. Deadhead cask aged rum is housed in bottles resembling tsantsas, or shrunken heads—which many believed were kept as trophies for honor and spiritual renewal— it aims to respect the heritage of this region and captures its spirit from the bottle to the glass.


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