What do fellow rum drinkers do when the website price is different than the one in the store?

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Paul B 🇺🇸 | 474 ratings Author Posted 12 Feb '24

A week ago, I saw that a bottle of Black Tot Master Blender's Reserve 2022 was going for $135 US on a company's website. At this price, this rum was worth taking a risk on. So I drove about 50 miles over there and found it behind the locked glass case as expected. To my utter horror, it had been marked up by $60 US to $195 US. I stood there in stunned disbelief. I chose to leave it there. Then I picked up the last 3 of 4 bottles of a rum that I had normally driven more than 200 miles to get. That is all that I bought. I kindly left that last bottle for other's to enjoy.

Well, after further research on Wine Searcher, the cheapest that this bottle of Black Tot can be found for is $175. Obviously, a lowly paid clerk at this chain store had mismarked this rum for only $135, and $195 is actually a decent price. Did I go back to get it? Hell no!

So what do my fellow rum drinkers do in situations like this?

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Alas 🇵🇷 | 548 ratings Replied 12 Feb '24

I go into every random liquor store I run across and have found some gems like this.  Once it was a $100 bottle of rum labled at $50, I bout out all 4 they had.  Another time it was old bottles with dust of discontinued rum like tommy bahama/10 cane/bacardi 151 etc.  you can also just straight up negotiate with the liquor store if the owner is behind the counter.  Got 3 el dorados (wine cask, etc) at $30 off each because I bought 3 and haggled.

dougw 🇺🇸 | 36 ratings Replied 14 Feb '24

I live within driving distance of several well known Internet stores, so I just comparison shop them, buy online and check the "pick up at store" box to avoid any shipping charges.  Whatever the online price is, that's the price I pay, when I pick it up they just hand me the bag/box full of rum and I'm on my way.

Kevin 🇺🇸 | 80 ratings Replied 21 Feb '24

I've recently been interested in this particular rum. It was advertised at $159 but when I got to the one door store it was $195. As you did I left it alone. Obviously deception is part of their marketing. So, I'm figuring it's more a cash grab than a "Master" so I've decided to go without. Deception is a huge marketing tool and I don't care if it's 3x better I will not comply! By the way I'm still on that Hog Bay and all I can say is "BAM" you nailed it. Thanks Matey!

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Paul B 🇺🇸 | 474 ratings Author Replied 21 Feb '24

Yes, I could order this rum online for $135 US, but I would have to drive 50 miles to pick it up and most likely have to haggle with them once I got there when they claim that it was mismarked. At that point, I would get pissed off and tell them to keep it. I now have written this rum off as another dirty rotten marketing campaign.

dougw 🇺🇸 | 36 ratings Replied 17 Mar '24

I'm surprised that you guys didn't at least ask for them to match the Internet price, the worst that can happen is they say no.  If they say no then my next request would be to ask them to split the difference, and go from there.  On my last pickup run I decided to add another bottle at the counter and it was priced differently than the Internet price.  I asked if they'd give me the Internet price in-store and they said yes.

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DB 🇺🇸 | 80 ratings Replied 7 Apr '24


Only 6 bottles availble at time of writing, and might not ship to your locale.

For online shopping, I just buy a buncha stuff from any one place to offset shipping - which depending on locations and shippers, can actually be really cheap for a ton of bottles. Really just depends. 2/3rds of my purchases are online simply due to so much better a selection, only way to get it in spite of the big box stores close to me.