Your best rum adventure!

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Kevin 🇺🇸 | 78 ratings Author Posted 31 Dec '23

So, after years on this site I have yet to hear of anyone's absolute best rhum/rum adventure. I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all! We'll start with mine, which I will repost, hoping to hear about other fabulous rhum/rum adventures. This takes place in 1988 on a 9 month sailing voyage from Maine to Trinidad. Our stop in Martinique is where we are. Renting a car to tour the island in pursuit of rhum distilleries we picked up a creole girl hitchhiking. To our amazement she spoke fluent English. So through conversation she suggested that we take her right to her home and if we wait she will take us to the distillery she just happens to work at. "Onboard" we were. It winds up being J.Balley run by Jacque Balley III himself whom we met. After doing a fabulous private tour by him he took us over to a shed on the side of the main building. He had 1 barrel  that he indicated he was fixing to open for his best customers and it was our lucky day. It happened to be a single barrel of 20yr old rhum! He poured a sample for us and it has been the best rhum/rum I have ever had, to date! We immediately inquired about obtaining a case of it telling him it's the best rum we've ever had. He told us it was special for his customers and he would allow us 1 bottle at $18. After further negotiations we landed 4 bottles and gave him $100. Hand tested at 110 proof, poured directly in front of us from the barrel into bottle, hand labeled, hand sealed with hot red wax and stamped with his seal by Jaques, himself. That rhum was so so delicious that it barely made it to Grenada which is another story! So let's hear some great adventures!!! Arrrgh!