Few questions for cognac lovers

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Leo 🇬🇷 | 15 ratings Author Posted 19 May '23

1 Is Courvoisier Napoleon a quality product, with pleasing aroma/taste?

2. Is Hennessy XO for cognacs, like Zacappa 23 for rums? (an overpriced sugarbomb inside a fancy bottle?)

3. Is Martell Cordon Bleu as good as they say? Am i correct to think of starting my expansion "upwards" from here?

4. Which XO most people believe is tastier, from the big 4 houses (courvoisier, martell, remy martin, hennessy) and which one out of them all is less sweet than the others?

5. In case i decide to grab Martell Cohiba, would i enjoy it neat, without a cigar to pair?

6. What are some great, easily accessible, widely distributed, non-special edition, cognac-cask finished rums? I wanted to start at Rhum J.M. but it is extinct, already...

bar la moura avatar image
bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 172 ratings Replied 30 Oct '23

1. yes it is a quality product, napoleon means at least 6 years of aging

2. hennessy xo is good, not to be compared with zacapa, it s expensive because hennessy is one of the big 5 cognac brands (with martell, remy martin, camus and courvoisier) and they are (in my opinion ) all too expensive

3.yes it is very good

4.in my country (croatia) i found francois voyer, less known brand but really good and cheaper ... so why to insist with ones from big houses ?

5.try to find a sample of martell cohiba so if it s not so good (for your taste) you will not be displeased, i know there are many conacs designed for cigar pairing ...

6.many aged agricoles are cognac-cask finished, but probably in greece just in some special store, if you go in france than they are easy accessible ...

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DB 🇺🇸 | 77 ratings Replied 7 Apr '24

I actually like ABK6. The entry VSOP is pretty approachable, reasonable price. Their VSOP Grand Champagne is also really good for the price as well.

Pricier, but also really good IMHO is A. de Fussigny VSOP Petite and Grand Champagne.

The other brands mentioned by Bar la Moura are all good - I find very consistent, but yes - overpriced, and certainly overhyped  - like Hennessy and d'Usse. (Maybe not Camus so much.)

Ferrand cognacs are also quite nice, even the "mixing" cognacs are nice for sipping in my experience.