Few questions for cognac lovers

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Leo 🇬🇷 | 15 ratings Author Posted 19 May '23

1 Is Courvoisier Napoleon a quality product, with pleasing aroma/taste?

2. Is Hennessy XO for cognacs, like Zacappa 23 for rums? (an overpriced sugarbomb inside a fancy bottle?)

3. Is Martell Cordon Bleu as good as they say? Am i correct to think of starting my expansion "upwards" from here?

4. Which XO most people believe is tastier, from the big 4 houses (courvoisier, martell, remy martin, hennessy) and which one out of them all is less sweet than the others?

5. In case i decide to grab Martell Cohiba, would i enjoy it neat, without a cigar to pair?

6. What are some great, easily accessible, widely distributed, non-special edition, cognac-cask finished rums? I wanted to start at Rhum J.M. but it is extinct, already...

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bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 168 ratings Replied 30 Oct '23

1. yes it is a quality product, napoleon means at least 6 years of aging

2. hennessy xo is good, not to be compared with zacapa, it s expensive because hennessy is one of the big 5 cognac brands (with martell, remy martin, camus and courvoisier) and they are (in my opinion ) all too expensive

3.yes it is very good

4.in my country (croatia) i found francois voyer, less known brand but really good and cheaper ... so why to insist with ones from big houses ?

5.try to find a sample of martell cohiba so if it s not so good (for your taste) you will not be displeased, i know there are many conacs designed for cigar pairing ...

6.many aged agricoles are cognac-cask finished, but probably in greece just in some special store, if you go in france than they are easy accessible ...