Casa Publica Christchurch NZ

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mobiusmat 🇳🇿 | 1 rating Author Posted 13 May '23

If you're in Christchurch, New Zealand go to casa publica. 100s of rums and the best bit is their rum flights. 3 rums at a time, a glass of ice cubes and a small bottle of coke or ginger ale. The food is incredible, the waiter makes up your guacamole fresh at the table and they do amazing cerviche.

mwb1 🇬🇧 | 9 ratings Replied 14 May '23

mobiusmat makes a good point, could we start a post where people comment on good local bars/distilleries that rum aficionados would enjoy were they to visit?!

mobiusmat 🇳🇿 | 1 rating Author Replied 14 May '23

I knew they'd done some rum tasting nights in the past and I knew they had a selection but the rum flight thing was a surprise and is a really good way to taste a decent variety of Rums. They have printed bits of paper with information about each rum on the standard combos. I'm hoping next time I can pick my own rums I want to try to narrow down more and try some rums I've wanted to try. This is pretty unique in Christchurch and I suspect New Zealand. Lots ot opportunities to taste Scotch and lots of trendy Gin bars opening but a rum specialist seems rare.