Gettin' groggy: British Navy style

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stonytokes 🇺🇸 | 25 ratings Author Posted 15 Jan '23

One aspect of drinking rum that intrigues me is the history behind the spirit. Has anyone else here read The History Of The World In Six Glasses? It's a great read if you haven't. It greatly amuses me that was has become my mixed drink of choice could very well be be because of a genetic predisposition to said concoction. My mixed drink of choice is what I think of as a modified grog. I absolutely love the taste of dark rum mixed with a good tonic water, Polar being my current preference. A splash of lime to ward away the scurvy can be advisable depending on what rum is being mixed into the tonic water, (which I imagine would have been what a sailor would have mixed with his rum as an anti-malarial) although I tend to depart from the traditional recipe for grog calling for two parts of sweet as I really don't find the extra sugar necessary to make a really tasty mixed drink.https://www.uncommoncaribbean.com/caribbean/grog/If my girl and I go out to a bar or the local seafood shack, I'm generally ordering a Myer's and tonic with a wedge of lime because that's what generally available for dark rum around these parts. Here at home I will mix anything into tonic water (no matter how pricey or sacred) but really enjoy cocktails of higher-proof Navy rums with tonic. Pusser's Gunpowder and tonic, Plantation XO 20th Ann., Appleton 12, Privateer Navy Yard, OFTD...it all gets mixed, and sometimes with other rums, (mmm, Privateer Navy and Pusser's Gunpowder). The only rum I've been loath to mix really has been the Pussers 15 because I consider that so good that I generally swig it pirate-style straight from the bottle.Does anyone else here love a grog the way I do? Or the combo of rum and tonic? I just can't get enough of it. Found my brand as Bill Hicks used to say...

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Andy (PREMIUM) 🇬🇧 | 145 ratings Replied 3 Feb '23

I've bought so many rum books, but never seem to read them... maybe some day!

I've never added tonic to rum - sounds good though will pick some up this weekend and give it a try.

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DB 🇺🇸 | 71 ratings Replied 6 Feb '23

Haven't read that one, but "...And A Bottle of Rum" is pretty good. A history of the new world in 10 cocktails...

Try the Worth Park 109 if you get a chance. It's a nice, inexpensive, overproof dark.