Best Rums of 2022

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Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 296 ratings Author Posted 31 Dec '22

The year is almost over and i was waiting for your selection for the best rums of the year 2022. So i guess i do the start and hope to see some of your choices.

My problem this year is, that i haven't even tasted all the rums from 2022 i have at home, because i have the samples but not enough time. In the last months i tried to kill some old bottles. That was a lot of work.

But i will try my list anyway: Here are my top rums 2022:

1. Rum Artesanal Enmore 1991 31y KFM - Just love it. Even more than the REV 1994. Love the mint note and you can taste the age. Just great.

2. Nobilis No. 27 TDL 2001 - Very great TDL. One of the best I had so far. Great mix of mint, tobacco and smoke.

3. Rum Artesanal Bellevue SFGB 1998 - Not your tipical Bellevue. But the citrus nose is just great.

4. Saint James Les Empheres No. 1 - A perfectly stored old Agricole.

5. The Rum Cask Hampden DOK 2009 13y - Haven't reviewed this one. Spoiler: Best DOK i tried so far!!!

6. The Duchess La Reunion 2003 - What a Powerhouse of an old Agricole. Love it but have to taste it more.

7. El Ron del Artesano Priorat Cask 24y - Just again just the smoothes rum out there. You will find no better Panama Rum. Period!!!

8. SBS Guyana SWR 2001 - Very dark and dry rum.

9. Rum Artesanal Trinidad Ten Cane 2008 - If you like Cherrys. This is your place to be. Great fruity rum.

10. Depaz Rumclub Privat Selection - Great fresh complex Agricole.

There are still many i have not tasted yet, like the Rumclub Navy Rum or Hampden DOK. My personal highlight was to taste the Velier Caronie "The Last". Not so much better than my Bristols, but the Nose is just the best out there.

Let's see what 2023 brings to the rum world. Like Pot Style Panama Rum. And hopfully some new rockly style bottling. Happy new year to all of you!!!! 

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Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 296 ratings Author Replied 22 Feb '23

This is a little odd and a little unpleasand. Was hoping for some feedback. We shared some interesting Top lists here in Germany. Was hoping for some international opinions and what great rums were found last year around the world. I have a lot of bottlings in my list only available in a view european countrys... so i was or am curious...

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vomi1011 🇩🇪 | 402 ratings Replied 23 Feb '23

2022 was a Hampden year, there were countless releases some of which could be rum of the year. However, there were already incredible Hampden rums in 2021, which could not be beaten by the release of 2022. One of the best from 2021 is Nobilis Hampden “C<>H” 1993.

1. Hampden Releases (Rum Artesanal Hampden C<>H 1993 for Whiskytempel)

2. Rumclub Private Selection Ed. 22 REV was a high light

3. Rum Artesanal Bellevue SFGB 1998 - spectacular for the price

4. Black Tot 2022 for me as navy rum fan

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Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 296 ratings Author Replied 23 Feb '23

Hi vomi... thanks for the feedback. Yes there were a lot of Hampden and yes a lot of very good ones. I also had some great Long Pond rums. I also think the Bellvue 1998 is a great rum for the price. I love the fresh lemon nose. Is the 2022 Black Tot worth the money? I have not tried it and  because the price has gone up so much with the 2022 bottling i have not bought a bottle yet. But because i also love some good navy rum i am curious to try. Waiting for the prices to drope and i am sure they will. I bought a 2021 for under 100Euro in a normal online shop. I excited for my sample of the Rumclub Edition 31, the navy blend. It is so pricy... but the reviews are very good. Have you tried that?

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vomi1011 🇩🇪 | 402 ratings Replied 23 Feb '23

Bellvue 1998 is 24y old for under 100 Euro, this release was almost cheap, I had not expected something like this. Since I like Damoiseau, it tasted very good for me. This combination of flavors is also seldom.

Rumclub Edition 31 is around 300, I don't tried it. Could be very good from the data, but only 500ml and too much Jamaica with to low Guyana influence (I read some tasting notes about it). I prefer the original dark navy style rum, therefore it's not that interesting for me.

Black Tot 2022 is very good, I like a high Guyana and low Jamaica proportion in the Navys. The balance is very good, it's dark and heavy like original navy rum. 140 is this one, 120 was the first one... not that much price increase. Yes, I think you can get it with a discount.

Here is the data of the BT2022

Guyana blend – pot & column distilled and aged between 2 and 30 years – 29% Jamaica blend – pot still distilled and aged between 22 and 27 years – 7% Trinidad blend – column still distilled and aged between 10 and 24 years – 22% Barbados blend – pot & column distilled and aged between 7 and 19 years – 25% Perpetual blend – 17% (which is 96% MBR 2021 Sherry Cask Finished and 4% Original Navy Blend)
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vomi1011 🇩🇪 | 402 ratings Replied 24 Feb '23

https://zuckerundzeste.de/spirituosen/rum/jahresrueckblick-unsere-10-rums-des-jahres-2022/"Highlight was the Foursquare Pure Pot Still 15y mit Cognac-Finish with 58,1% abv."This one is very interesting. I missed that one.

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Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 296 ratings Author Replied 4 Mar '23

Thanks for the tip. I am watching the Stuff that N. Köger does but haven't tried so much from his new bottlings. Sadly his new XO has just 43%. 18y old Foursquare- Mount Gay Pot Style Blend sounds interesting : )

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nomad 🇺🇸 | 137 ratings Replied 4 Mar '23

For me, it was the discovery of Mhoba rums that highlight my purchases in 22. But if I had to pick just one rum, it's Hampden Great House 22. IMO, it's an all-time classic spirit.

wayoutwest 🇬🇧 | 108 ratings Replied 11 Mar '23

For the most part, my budget is generally £40-50, and with a lot of help from Rum Ratings, I have worked out what I like, and what I don't. As such, after tasting 81 rums, I am rather running out of things that are accessable that I haven't yet tried.

Having said that, the rums that really do it for me are pricier than that! So that means either spending more than I should, or drinking less. And if I'm going to take a punt on something £60+, I'm going to do a lot of research and/or get a sample first.

The three that did stand out for me in 2022 were,

Plantation Jamaica 2007 - a really nice alternative to Hampden 8YO (one of my favourites)

Hampden Great House 2021 - only managed to get a sample, but so good I would be willing to punt £100 on one!

Clairin Sonson - that was otherwordly, and makes the best Hurricaine I have yet had!

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vomi1011 🇩🇪 | 402 ratings Replied 19 Mar '23

@wayoutwest So you tried a Clarendon and liked it. The Plantation JAMAICA 2003 one time limited edition in 2021 was also very good for the price and very old with 16 years. Habitation Velier 2010 EMB was even better, but much more expensive. I bought two years ago some crazy good Kill Devil Hampdens for around 70 Euros at thewhiskybarrel. Unfortunatelly they doubled the price: https://www.thewhiskybarrel.com/hampden-11-year-old-2007-kill-devil-exclusive-0120

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Les 80 🇬🇧 | 72 ratings Replied 19 Mar '23

I only just discovered Hampden this year so I am hoping I get one off guest ones 



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Chamarelo 🇩🇪 | 53 ratings Replied 26 Apr '23

Hi Mr. Rumantic,

herzlichen Dank für die vielen guten und gut formulierten Impressionen, insbesondere zu den verschiedenen El Ron del Artesano's. Bin erst vor kurzem auf diese Marke aufmerksam geworden und werde mich jetzt mal auf dem Markt danach umsehen. Möchte mich nun auch ganz gern von diesem ganzen gesüssten Massenrums etwas distanzieren, wobei ich Dir beipflichte, daß so ein Plantation XO für einen einfachen geselligen Abend einfach ein sehr gutes Produkt ist.

Kleiner Tip von mir : Chamarel XO. Oder versuch's mal mit einem guten Cachaca, z.B. von Delicana den Umburana oder Balsamo. Wirklich sehr gute und saubere Produkte ohne irgendwelche Zusätze.

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Anthony C 🇺🇸 | 236 ratings Replied 30 Apr '23

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Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 296 ratings Author Replied 4 May '23

@Chamarelo: I just had a nice evening with the Artesano Tasting Set. It is a great start for the many different rums from Artesano. If you can't find it online you can send Sebastian Lauinger a email. He also sells 20cl bottles. I can say that the 15y Priorat Cask was very very good. Also the 8y Ruby Port is a great start into dry rums, because it has some nice fruity notes and is a easy sipper. Also you can ask Sebastian if you can get a sample of the first Pott Style Panama Rum which is a little revolution, because as far as i know there was never a Pott Style Rum from Panama on the market