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Flor de Cana 130th anniversary VS 25 years

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Leo 🇬🇷 | 14 ratings Author Posted 20 Dec '22

I tried 130th anniversary some time ago and was simply, mindblown. Which is the best of the two? 130 has higher % (45), but is 20 years old, plus is a limited release.

Should i also try the 25 years? Their price is identical at my locale, both cost 110 euros at the place i shop.

Les 80 avatar image
Les 80 🇬🇧 | 28 ratings Replied 20 Dec '22

well yes why not if u loved the 130 edition

am sure u will like it ...

the 25 year old won the rum off the year in 2017 gets good reviews 

some people love it so definitely buy it since u like the 130 edition 



Rumrun11 avatar image
Rumrun11 (PREMIUM) 🇺🇸 | 94 ratings Replied 20 Dec '22

Hello Leo, I agree with Les in tyring the 25 year. I recently tried and rated the 130 anniversary edition and loved it!!! Where I am in the U.S. the 25 year is significantly more expensive in my area than the 130 anniversary and if you can get 25 year for a similar price, then go for it. 

Kevin 🇺🇸 | 57 ratings Replied 22 Dec '22

So tired of being ripped off in the $100+ market that I don't think I will be willing to go outside the $50 range so I'm sold on the 7r old. Much smoother than their 12 or 18yr old & not touching their old versions seeing the extent of my consumption. Just another pirate opinion!

Kevin 🇺🇸 | 57 ratings Replied 22 Dec '22

There are so few $100+ bottle that are worthy of double+ the $$$ a bottle and so many under $50 that I found the sweet spot! Arrrgh! ☠☠☠