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Les 80 🇬🇧 | 46 ratings Author Posted 12 Dec '22

just curious if people always buy the same rums all the times or are they looking to try new rums 

I have bought the same rums a few times but I am always looking to try different rums so basically I don't have a go to rum just wondering if anyone else is the same  

rumtrinker 🇩🇪 | 44 ratings Replied 12 Dec '22

I have some rums that I buy again and again: Pusser's Blue, Myers's Dark, Wray & Nephew White Overproof, Smith & Cross. Other than that, I too try to get some variety and experience new rums.

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Les 80 🇬🇧 | 46 ratings Author Replied 12 Dec '22

I read  pusser rums don't seem tobe as good as they used to be I looked at them but never tried 

rumtrinker 🇩🇪 | 44 ratings Replied 13 Dec '22

When was that?My current bottle of Pusser's Blue was bought about half a year ago. I think it is fine.


There has been a rather substantial change in the formula. Pusser's was a mix of rums of various Carribean countries, now it is Guyana only. I quite like the Guyana only version, which is a rather heavy style of molasses rum. I assume others might like the older version better.

Yohobro 🇨🇦 | 59 ratings Replied 13 Dec '22

I may not have a specific bottle but I will always have an El Dorado and a Plantation on hand. And most times an Abuelo as well...

The rest seem to be random purchases of exploring. 

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Les 80 🇬🇧 | 46 ratings Author Replied 14 Dec '22

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Les 80 🇬🇧 | 46 ratings Author Replied 14 Dec '22

I will add  pusser to my list 👍 not a fan off plantations once  bought one  was very sweet I didn't mind stiggins fancy as a mixer though 

kudzey 🇵🇱 | 38 ratings Replied 14 Dec '22

I do the opposite: I have never bought a bottle of the same sipping rum twice. There are just so many to try! Recently I switched to sample-only approach since I prefer to try 30 glasses of different rums than to have a bottle of only one.

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Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 256 ratings Replied 16 Dec '22

There are some rare bottlings i like a lot, where i have stored 2 bottles for later. But for daily sipping i also never buy the same rum again. The One Time Limited Trinidad 2009 for 50€. I have three of that one. But mainly i drink new bottles i don't know because as kudzey said,  there is so much to explore and when i found the posibility of using samples, i went for that big  (got over 100Samples at the moment). I can only advice to go for samples. That way i could and can try so many different rums. I am a slow drinker and some bottles i have are open for more than two years. With samples i don't have  the pressure to open new bottles and i am able now to reduce my collection of open bottles.