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Off Brand Malibu

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bigdon_ 🇺🇸 | 0 ratings Author Posted 8 Nov '22

Hi, I am a big malibu fan but the price is hurting my pocket, I was wondering if anyone knows some I can find as my local stores don't carry any dupes / or fake versions for a significant price drop. Was wondering if anyone can give me some names of some to keep my eye out? and or that is cheaper and taste like malibu!

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Paul B 🇺🇸 | 464 ratings Replied 9 Nov '22

When I first saw your posting, I thought that you have GOT to be kidding. Malibu coconut rum is already dirt cheap. It also has 100 gpl of added sugar. However, there are three brands that are cheaper for their coconut rum. Based upon 750 ml botttles, Total Wine carries Sunset Reef Coconut Liqueur for $3.50 cheaper per bottle. Since it is from Holland, they wisely label it as a liqueur, unlike what Malibu does calling it a rum. Malibu creates their rum in Barbados where it is against the law to add any sugar or flavorings. Then they ship it off to Canada to add lots of sugar and flavorings.

Harder to find is Montego Bay Coconut Rum at about $8 US per bottle or Boqueron Coconut Rum at about $10 per bottle. If you want the best coconut rum and have the money, it is Brinley Gold Shipwreck Coconut Rum. When I last checked it was $23 per bottle, but light years better at a higher proof than the cheaper coconut "rums". If one wants a beach getaway with coconut rum, then the only way to do it is the right way. Oak & Palm Coconut Rum down near Tampa also makes another great coconut rum.

You could always pick out your cheapest white rum and add coconut water to it. Make sure you choose a brand of coconut water that has coconut bits like Goya. This will be a much cheaper and healthier way to enjoy coconut rum at the beach.

Coconut is the essence of a beach getaway. With this in mind, I actually have a separate classification for Coconut Rums instead of lumping them in with Flavored Rums. Many on this site frown upon any kind of Flavored Rum.