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You know your in Australia when..

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Martin Kennedy 🇦🇺 | 237 ratings Author Posted 8 Oct '22

You can buy rums called Gary the Goat Spiced and Horny.. plus Croc Piss ! Both available in Queensland , got to admire their sense of humour.

Stefan Persson avatar image
Stefan Persson (TASTING CLUB) 🇸🇪 | 358 ratings Replied 12 Oct '22

Hi Martin!

Great humours names!

Had to add them, Gary the Goat and FNQ Spirits Croc Piss Orginal and Clear with images. Now we're waiting for your reviews.

Martin Kennedy 🇦🇺 | 237 ratings Author Replied 13 Oct '22

Hi Stefan , glad you liked the quirky names. If you get bored , here's a few more to add !

Gunnery Spiced White by Adelaide Hills Distillery.

Ord River Rum Overproof by Hoochery Distillery.

Gold Nipper Rum by Yack Creek Distillery.

Requiem rum by Tin Shed Distilling.

Signature rum by 23rd Street Distillery.

Navy Strength rum by Inner Circle

Spiced and White rums by Brix Distilling 

Dead Mans Drop by Stone Pine Distillery.

Dark , White , Spiced and Coconut by The Grove Distillery.

Spiced , Distillers Cut  and 1808 Barely Legal by Illegal Tender Distillery

Husk Botanic , Husk Pure Cane , Husk Bam Bam Spiced by Husk Farm Distillery.

That should keep you going for a little while.. regards Martin.