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How long to keep a bottle open for??

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Charles M 🇬🇧 | 140 ratings Author Posted 16 Sep '22

I tend to get through most of my rums fairly quickly, but..... I had a Foursquare Port and a Foursquare Zinfandel both open. The Port I had drunk a bit, but the Zin was still into neck. Can't recall how long I had them in the cupboard for, but as they are no longer available, I think it was months. Given Covid, time seems to have been distorted, so it might well be over a year.

Anyway, the Port was very disappointing. It had lost its unctuiosness and that specialness that I so loved. It wasn't bad or anything, but just a bit flat. So I had to knock the Zinfandel off quick smart, which really wasn't too burdensome. However, looking at the prices of it, I'm not sure I'll be opening the few bottles I have left of it!

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Stefan Persson (TASTING CLUB) 🇸🇪 | 345 ratings Replied 17 Sep '22

Charles M,

Some years ago I attended a Cognac Master Class and then learned that a bottle symbolizes 1year.

After the 1st opening it's then decided how long time you will have to finish it without changing in taste.

If you at that 1st opening drink for example 1/3 of it you will have 2/3 of a year to finish it. If you drink half of it you have half a year to finish it.

 I don't live up to that completely, but I always finishes my bottles within a year.

kudzey (PREMIUM) 🇵🇱 | 38 ratings Replied 17 Sep '22

I usually keep my bottles open for very long, like several years. My guess is the less oxygen, the better so I move the spirit to smaller bottles whenever the remaining volume allows it. I also store my rums in dark, cold places. I did some cross tests to find no visible difference between freshly-opened bottle and the rums I store this way 

kudzey (PREMIUM) 🇵🇱 | 38 ratings Replied 17 Sep '22

One more thing, It is said that the sugar-rich rums would deteriorate faster. I think that might be true.

Kevin 🇺🇸 | 55 ratings Replied 30 Sep '22

Kudzey said it. I don't know if it's sugar content, distilling process or whatever but I have found some rums just can't hang once opened & others get better. It's basically a crap shoot! Good luck Matey! ☠