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Best place to buy Santiego de Cuba 20 yr & 25 yr rums in Cuba

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Jagsroy (PREMIUM) 🇨🇦 | 249 ratings Author Posted 7 Sep '22

Going to Varadero, Cuba in March 2023. Looking for prices for SdC 20 yr rum, as well as SdC 25 yr rums in Cuba. Also locations that carry these rums in Varadero.

Thank you

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bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 131 ratings Replied 7 Sep '22

check this site for prices (rum and cigars) and don t fall for the santiago isla del tesoro, it s sweetened ... also, never buy rum or cigars in the street, they are famous for their cheats, people just buy and than for the rum they discover it s ice tea and as for the cigars every expert (at home) can tell they re fake ... best places for buying are boutique hotels in havana or santiago


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Jagsroy (PREMIUM) 🇨🇦 | 249 ratings Author Replied 7 Sep '22