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Rum as a means of balancing one's budget

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Paul B 🇺🇸 | 454 ratings Author Posted 7 Sep '22

Before I retired more than 7 years ago, I thought nothing of operating my budget in the hole. On one January, I remember starting out the year with $4K in the hole. This drove my former girlfriend nuts. Once I retired, my financial goal was to never show a loss for any month.

Well, as each month now comes to an end, I find that I have about a thousand dollars worth of unopened bottles of rum. These first few months of this year have been a financial disaster, mainly from home repairs. So, I would just take some of the unopened bottles of rum and transfer that expense to the next month to avoid showing a loss for the month in question.

Many purchase rums in the hopes of making a profit later one. My method is counter productive to this.

edis 🇱🇹 | 20 ratings Replied 7 Sep '22

Hi, Paul - your repairs are investment of sorts, so don't have to do much with your monthly routine. It is long-term coverage, therefore bear with it accordingly. No worry for the month of works conducted themselves.

Now, to the rums: it is not clear, if you are consuming bottles, or do some other shuffling for the profit. My wild uninformed guess is, that if you invest in the solid bottles of long-respected quality rum, while inflation is sinking any savings - that's something to toy with. The question then is, whether you have inspiration and trill to buy and sell much later rums for the end profit of yours. This must be either matured to the business level, or not to worry about at all.

Finally, if you care about your routine in/out situation, I would review whether expenses can be attacked, while income could be triggered up. If you have pleasure work, that can be well taxed - good for you on one end of the equilibrium. If you can be more open-minded to slash, for example, monthly food expenses, because you pick-up and take proper care of dramatically discounted "expiring" foods - this is how you can detach from another uninformed consumer for your benefit. From my experience - food is untapped pool for inventiveness and flexibility. Our ancestors were so much more restricted on what they would allow themselves, please do not find yourself product of the marketing push. For a long while, I am not at all an average shop basket gatherer, oh no. Some may experience pity, while I am checking out what great things didn't made it to the sale at the mall, but looking closer, these are the best French Normandy Camemberts, Spanish hams, Italian Burratas, Midias awaiting for the bath in wine, and such delicacies. Thus, get to the next level, if you must!

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bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 131 ratings Replied 8 Sep '22

Paul, i m very lucky because i buy all best rums for the bar and wife don t see what i ve bought because we have so many accounts ... the problem is that we have limited availability even when you contact importers directly ...