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Rum Organizing

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rixcat (PREMIUM) 🇺🇸 | 0 ratings Author Posted 26 Jul '22

Does anyone have any experience organizing your rum on the shelves in your home bar? I did it by country, then by style, now by brand... I haven't yet found a satisfactory way to stay on top of it. What and how is everyone else doing it?

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Paul B 🇺🇸 | 452 ratings Replied 27 Jul '22

All that matters to me is my very own complex spreadsheet that tells me what are the good and excellent buys.  As of this day, those amount to 172 rums out of 449 reviewed on this site, and new arrivals keep coming.

I always keep 12 to 14 bottles open at any given time. My main rum shelf is a wooden cabinet that I built in the early seventies to hold vinyl record albums. It can hold more than 14 rums, but that is a very good number for me to choose whatever I want and whenever I want it. This cabinet is out of site from any visitors, as I have no need to show off my collection. By the way, all of my bottles can be described as a crazy quilt with no rhyme or reason. All are good to excellent buy rums and each bottle tastes nothing at all like the rest. I am so proud to be totally unique.

However, if I absolutely had to choose a way to arrange rums on my shelf, it would be by the three styles found in the Caribbean: English, Spanish, and French.