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Ron del Barrilito

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ripdan avatar image
ripdan 🇺🇸 | 0 ratings Author Posted 26 Jul '22

Any fans of Ron del Barrilito? It's Puerto Rican rum and the three-star version is not too hard to find.

A couple years back I got in line to purchase a 4 star version called Hacienda; now it is only available on site. The 5 star was also available but I couldn't go $750, so I settled for the 4 star at $350.

I'd consider selling this if anyone is interested.

Andy avatar image
Andy (PREMIUM) 🇬🇧 | 122 ratings Replied 27 Jul '22

I picked up and 3 and 4 stars when I was in PR years ago - to be honest, I can't remember if I was a fan or not. Can't believe the 5-star is so expensive!!!