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Double, triple cask releases?

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Kevin 🇺🇸 | 50 ratings Author Posted 24 Jul '22

I just don't know guys. This seems to be another cash grab for the corporate industrial rum guys. I've recently tried Dos Maderos, Abuelo & Mount Gay versions. Notice these are all big corporate distilleries. They just don't throw out bad rum. They have the money and tools to decorate bad rum and I believe this is exactly what's going on. Read my recent (4 rating) review on MG XO triple cask. Mostly 8 ratings so I said, OK this might be worthy. Another big industrial cash grab. "Never waste bad product, find a solutuon!" Blending is an art and can never be confused with a cash grab. This recasking needs artists involved not cooperate greed! Every bottle I tried had greed all over it. It's typical corporate greed, "Hey, I got an idea, let's recask this crap a few times and triple the price." What's your opinion?

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Kevin 🇺🇸 | 50 ratings Author Replied 24 Jul '22

Adding, are there any others that might be worthy? It's probably is quite hard for the smaller guys to source these types of casks. I would guess that the Martinique rhum distilleries might have a decent chance seeing all the casking going on in France. I notice cognac casks seem to be favored. I had 3 different ones from Abuelo and although they still had that cash grab taste the cognac version was the better.

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Rene Rum (PREMIUM) 🇨🇭 | 509 ratings Replied 24 Jul '22

Hi Kevin,

You can't say that, because you can't make something delicious from a poor distillate, no matter how many barrels and sugar you use. If the initial product is of inferior quality, the final product will also be of inferior quality. But in this way, however, a product can be somewhat polished and retouched to make it palatable to the customer.

Please also note that not everyone likes barrel finishes, not everyone likes woody tones or influences from other spirits.

You're right that there is a rip-off, in a market that is booming is always ripped off.

I prefer single cask bottlings or small batch from independent bottlers.

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Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) 🇺🇸 | 404 ratings Replied 25 Jul '22

I like many finished rums especially sherry cask finishes, but I have had some horrible expensive rums that were left in way to long, like Diplomatico Ambassador & Ron Navazos Palazzi. It's not just rum, everyone is doing it. Balveni scotch has a Caribbean cask aged in rum bottles that is a huge success. It's just the new trendy thing to do to differentiate yourself. Just some pull it off great Abuelo does decent job and others bomb MtGay Andean Oak is hard for me to drink. 

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Kevin 🇺🇸 | 50 ratings Author Replied 7 Aug '22

Rene, Yes I can say that! I just tried a triple barrel bourbon that you could tell was not worthy unless they did some artistic barrel blending and they did! And it worked, maybe because they used Martinique rum barrels and I'm into rum but it was delicious. So you can improve the product if you know how to do it. Look  at MG XO those guys were just mix and pray match but stating triple cask, WOW,  on the bottle will sell, as I said, money grabbers looking to dump bad product for top dollar by stating they've gone the extra mile. There's some artists out there that know what they're doing and there's those corporate money grabbers that say, hey we might have a way out of this one. Look what those bourbon guys are doing. I have yet to find a find premium rum that's needs to be triple casked unless it will not sell otherwise. I wonder why?

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bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 119 ratings Replied 8 Aug '22

kevin i really don t understand your problem with MG XO triple cask, is around 50$ a bottle, a little better than the older version and is one of my preferred ones, if you talk of the select cask yes it s overpriced but ... other distilleries from barbados also not cheap, why mount gay is so bad ? today almost all brands started to play with casks and rising their prices, today i saw the new botran 18 bottle at 250% the price of the old one, maybe the rum inside is better ? don t know ...

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Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 205 ratings Replied 8 Aug '22

I have to disagree with you Kevin. I think MG makes very good rum. And there are very many bigger rum producer than MG. Foursquare and WIRD are making a lot more rum than MG on Barbados. I love MGs Pot Style Rums like the Last Ward very much. I also disagree that MG wants to sell a bad product with the trible XO. They have a new master Blender who made the new XO. I think the master blender tries to create some flavors she thinks that need to be in that rum. Those different barrels provide diffrent flavors which are than added to the mix. I liked the old more by the way. Is there a market for using diffrent barrels at the moment. Yes. And of course everybody is jumping on that train. But nothing bad about this.

Personally i also think that a good rum doesn't always need some special second or third barrel. But if you have a vision you can create great a rum with a second barrel. For example i have a young Hampden DOK which was stored in an PX Cask. Gave that hardcore aggressiv rum a nice sweetness and made it better. So i think a good cask can make a "simple" or very young rum better. It is a kind of art for itself. El Ron del Artesano for example makes his income with a second storage in an interessting barrel. Lot of different red wine and port wine barrels. He always uses the same Panama Rum. He makes very good rums and it is super interessting how the barrels change the same basic product.

After all i think it is part or one element of the Art of making rum. Does all rums need it? No! A high class rum should stay as natural as it can get in the bottle. And i don't like strong a single malt whisky finish that much. I hope i could make my point. : )

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Kevin 🇺🇸 | 50 ratings Author Replied 9 Aug '22

Ok guys, there are some good points made here. It does take an artist to create an outstanding product. I had the Abuelo series and the port one was too much. It tasted like it was 1/2 port & 1/2 rum. But, the cognac one was superb! Now that MG XO, sorry guys it's just not my cup of grog. It has that notorious industrial taste, lacking quality and proper aging, in my opinion. A rip off at $50, there is so much more by smaller distilleries that blow this away, again my opinion. The Abuelo blows MG away as far as the 2 or 3 recasking. I'm sure MG has some outstanding product but the price is just as outstanding. Not worthy with my pocket. Bacardi & Appleton I feel are in the same boat. There are way too many distilleries out there that get creative and for a consumer friendly price. Those industry giants don't row the same waters. They are all about production and quality or creativity take a back seat unless you have very deep pockets which they religiously chase. I am on the hunt for those artists that like to mix things up but I steer clear of the big boys.