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new diplomatico seleccion de familia

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bar la moura avatar image
bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 109 ratings Posted 15 Jun '22

diplomatico seleccion de familia, is their new rum, probably they want to sell it under

rum name in EU because the green bottle (reserva exclusiva) have more than 20 g/l 

so it can t be called rum in the EU,

well the new one also is 10-12 years aged and i find alko tested it, it have 18 g/l of 

sugar added, so cca half than the old green bottle, i see it also being high rated on this site


posted this just as an info ... not interested in their stuff, but it s 

funny how they do a new bottling just to meet the new EU standards, they 

want to keep their market share ...

Szymon avatar image
Szymon 🇮🇱 | 17 ratings Replied 16 Jun '22

Could this also be the reason for the dissapearance of the RESERVA and ANEJO bottling and appearance of the milder MANTUANO instead? 

bar la moura avatar image
bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 109 ratings Replied 17 Jun '22

here dip.res excl. is always available, plus mantuano and all their old line, will wait some time and see 

how things evolve, except for D.R.E (it goes, people still loving it) i don t have their other rums

in my bar, you can find so many brands around that i m really not interested for their products ...