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How to further appreciate rum

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bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 109 ratings Posted 9 Jun '22

we use (other than russian standard) also grey goose, beluga, belvedere and ciroc as high enders

but i have to say that maybe you pay more because of their good marketing strategy,

because russian standard is 4 times distilled, top quality water used ... it s not inferior to other brands

we sell but it cost 1 third, oh ciroc was chosen just for his particularity, is derived from grapes and this

is rare ... after saying this i have to say that vodka is appreciated only for her neutrality, it s 

not a meditation sipping spirit and i don t appreciate it so much, same as for gin ...

gin is very in last years, it sells a lot (gin & tonic) and geeks spend a lot for expensive G&T

for me is a steal, i have many bottles that cost as a solid rum or single malt, stuff aged years

and years, while gin is made usually on neutral spirit, various aromas added and no aged, 

why the hell a bottle of gin costs like a single malt or a rum i ask myself...

but we must meet customer wishes so ...