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Specific sipping rum

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TAKKTAKK 🇵🇱 | 0 ratings Posted 4 Jun '22

Remember when Zacapa had the full cane weave bottle (23 Centenario) before Diageo ever became involved. I am looking for something similar. Nothing quite hits the mark. It can be Golden or dark, little residual sugar but not cloying, almost stewed tropical fruits, vanilla, can be a little hot on the finish, not an agricole - its a little too clean. I heard the El Dorado 15 or 21, could be close to what i am looking for. Zacapa XO, is of course in the ball park but i am looking for a different brand. Can anybody interpret my stream of consciousness into something concrete.




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lherzolite 🇺🇸 | 0 ratings Replied 7 Jun '22

Have you tried anything from Dictador?  Both Dictador and Zacapa do solera aging, but I don't think Dictador adds sugar. Their 12 and 20 year are very good (prefer the 12), and the Perpetual and Insolent are awesome though pricey.

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TAKKTAKK 🇵🇱 | 0 ratings Replied 7 Jun '22

Thanks I have tried Dictador, i might see about a bottle of either the Perpetual or Insolent. But (this might sound contrived) i am looking for somthing a little more niche, a little more old worldly. Maybe intentionally, little rough round the edges, but well made.